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Junior Kelly tagged an 'England artiste' - 'Love So Nice' brings him back to Ja

Published:Sunday | October 8, 2017 | 12:00 AMMel Cooke
Junior Kelly
Junior Kelly

Junior Kelly was working a regular nine to five job in Boston when he wrote Love So Nice. He was so confident in its potential that after writing the lyrics in the USA, he returned home to have it produced, and he took a long time to seek out the right production - situation.

Ironically, after the song was released, circumstances led to him being mistaken for an artiste from England.

"When me write Love So Nice, me say, 'you have to go home now'. Me say, 'this is it'," Kelly told The Sunday Gleaner. Although he was otherwise employed, Kelly was working hard at music, performing at clubs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights.

Once back in Jamaica, Kelly did the studio rounds, Penthouse, Techniques, and Anchor among the places he went to.

"When I came back, I start hunting. the same thing what I was doing from before I left for Boston. I started doing music from I was 13 and did not get the break until I was 30," Kelly said.

"All I want to do is locate the producer," Kelly said.

During the search, about a month after returning to Jamaica, he recorded a demo of Love So Nice, just to hear how it sounded and says that someone tried to put it out as a single, so Kelly had to take legal action. Otherwise, he kept Love So Nice very close to his chest.

After being back in Jamaica for six months, he met the ideal person for the production, Michael Stanford.

"He is an investor. If he was a traditional producer, I would not sing Love So Nice for him," Kelly said. "You don't have to be a producer to hear a song and say it is big."

Love So Nice was recorded at Anchor Studios, Nico Wayne playing all the music as Kelly explained what he wanted.

"I needed someone to play what was in me," he said. The influence of the beat, which the first lines were written to, continued. "The rhythm is close enough, so it could be recognised," Kelly said.

The session ran from about

8 p.m., to 3 a.m., and a positive response started from in the studio as persons heard it. However, it took a trip to England, a visiting Canadian disc jockey playing it in North America, and an encounter with a Jamaican radio announcer to break Love So Nice.




After not making much headway with Love So Nice in Jamaica, Kelly was asked to go to England to record an album for Jet Star. A disc jockey from Canada came to England, visited Jet Star, and got himself a copy of Love So Nice, which he started playing when he got back home. Then during a clash with Jamaica's Barry G, the song scored heavily, and Barry G got a copy, Kelly saying that the Canadian told him that he got it in England, so it was assumed that Kelly was an English artiste.

This was corrected by callers to the radio station in Jamaica, and Kelly did an interview with Barry G, Love So Nice taking off, with numerous disc jocks asking for a copy. Chuckling, Kelly said that some were advised that they had already got it.

Kelly said that Love So Nice topped the two major charts in Jamaica, in several Caribbean countries, hit in Brazil, Canada and Colombia, among other countries.

His extensive performing experience served Junior Kelly well in cementing Love So Nice with audiences. Two of his more recent performances of Love So Nice were at Reggae on the River and the Waterfront Reggae Festival, both in the US, over the past summer.