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5 Questions with QQ

Published:Friday | October 13, 2017 | 12:01 AMStephanie Lyew
QQ awaiting a response from the crowd during one of his sets.

Dancehall recording artiste, Kareem Dawkins, better known as QQ, is all about serenading the females and climbing to a new high in the music industry. The lyrical content of the music produced by the 23-year-old has seen an impressive transformation from animated dance-motivated singles such as StukieOne Drop and Kushie Wine to intense sexual overtones heard in the newly released I Like It. See what he has to say in response to five questions posed by The Gleaner.


Do you think that the entertainment industry, in particular for dancehall recording artistes. is lacking a platform for formal mentorship?

I want to say I agree that we do, but at the same time I disagree. For people to volunteer themselves to mentor, one has to be willing to learn. There are a lot of older folks in the industry that make themselves available to the youth, but because of ego some do not want to listen and vice versa. Ego is one of the biggest downfalls of our generation and this should not be so, we should respect the foundation that has been laid before us. At the same time, the veterans have to understand that a new generation is here and you have to embrace it to be a part of it and, if you don't, the new generation will just look past you. It is a great way to stay relevant in the industry.

Are you ever concerned about your safety when you travel outside of Jamaica to perform?

I am always concerned, but with the welcome and appreciation I normally receive, it provides me with a sense of comfort. It all depends on who takes you or what you are going about. But, no matter what, with the state of crime observed worldwide, you just have to be cautious of your surroundings.

What is one of the most interesting places you have travelled to?

My trip to Egypt last year as one of the youngest and first dancehall recording artiste to perform, may have been one of the most interesting. It was phenomenal, because I didn't know that they listened to the dancehall genre as much as they consumed reggae music. The invitation to Egypt was provided by a football team and the entire journey the tour of the pyramids, the desert (at 114 degrees) and the reaction of the crowd to my performance was amazing.

What is the strangest encounter you have ever had with a fan?

In 2015 on a trip to Maine, a few female fans tried to lock me into a sexual situation. The group of females held on to my private parts and attempted to strip me.

What song would someone most likely hear you singing in the shower?

It would have to be a song with sexual lyrics or emotion. I listen to a wide selection of music, but always something with strong emotion, like tracks released by Enrique Iglesias. I actually sing Hero often in the shower.