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Five Questions with... Ding Dong

Published:Friday | November 3, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Ding Dong and Ravers Clavers light up the stage with their dance moves at the finals of the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in May.
Ding Dong and the Ravers Clavers perform at Sabina Park during the Jamaica Tallawahs and the Guyana Amazon Warriors Hero Caribbean Premier League T/20 cricket match in September.
Ding Dong
Ding Dong

1. Why do you think the international community has been so attracted to dancehall over the past few years?

Ding Dong: It's the dancehall culture, but it's not everything they're interested in. They see the loophole, where our country nah invest in the dancehall, suh them seh why not? All the international artistes ah use our culture to influence and enhance their music and careers. Look at Tory Lanez, Rihanna, Drake; Tyga come shoot him video here, Sean Kingston. Our country not doing it, so they're doing it. And investments like those are not just to enhance the dancehall culture and or dancehall careers, but to make money.

2. Your style strikes a balance between casually tailored, clean and loud (without being overbearing). Where is that balance rooted?

Ding Dong: From mi ah yute we grow up neva have much, but work with wah wi have. We satisfy until we reach a stage where we can do we own ting. So I used to recycle my clothes. I would get a jeans, change something, all change it into a jacket. And I watch the overseas type dressing and mix it with my flavour. It's good to be creative and different. A lot of people are afraid to be different and don't express themselves fashion-wise. Is not everybody going approve what you wear, but from you feel comfortable and it fit you as a man, fine.

3. Do you watch Netflix?

Ding Dong: No, I don't watch Netflix. But I watch movies. I have a Firebox, so if it's not studio or parties, mi like inna mi room and just lay down and watch a movie.

4. What has been the best movie of 2017 so far?

Ding Dong: War of the Planet of the Apes.

5. What music are you listening to most right now?

Ding Dong: Nobody specifically. I more listening to dancehall music now. At one point, I used to listen to a whole heap of hip-hop, like Lil' Wayne. I listen Migos, you know one and two songs... here and there. But is dancehall mi really a listen now.

Bonus: What are your top three dancehall songs of 2017?

Ding Dong: Number one would have to be Fling. I like Dre Island song (We Pray, featuring Popcaan), and I like Kartel Mhm song. There's Genna Bounce...whole heap ah song. Yeah Yeah Yeah, couple song out deh right now, man.