Sun | Nov 18, 2018

Xaymaca makes early start to Carnival 2018

Published:Friday | November 10, 2017 | 12:04 AM
Xaymaca International revellers having fun at Road March in April.
Kandi King (left) and Andrew Bellamy at Xaymaca International's road march in April.

Carnival brand Xaymaca International says it has so far experienced a 90 pre-registration target for its costumes for next year's carnival. The nearly one-year-old band will launch its costumes with a party, Luxe, tomorrow at Barbican Beach.

"Our decision to launch early came from the consideration of our Xaymacan masqueraders; we want to give them time to make their costume decision, as well as to ensure that we can effectively showcase, produce and deliver the most premium experience on the road in Kingston for carnival in Jamaica in 2018," Andrew Bellamy, the band leader said.

"Within the carnival industry throughout the Caribbean region, it is the norm to showcase the costumes four to seven months before carnival day, so with road march in Kingston set for April 8, we are right on target," he added.

A mixture of designers throughout the Caribbean region, with a few newcomers, will form the Luxe design team. These include Sandra Hordatt, Shawn Dhanraj, Keisha Als, Rhion Romany, Sherise Stewart and Nakita Hyatall from Trinidad and Tobago; Dania Beckford, Denyq and Rebecca Mahfood from Jamaica; and Tracey Boyce from Barbados.

"We are the band that is inclusive to all body types and this year the designs will be breathtaking with bright colours and the most unique body wear options, in varied price points, for the ultimate premium experience for all masqueraders" added band director Kandi King.