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Closer to God, further from smoking - Leroy Gibbons to perform five weeks after being shot

Published:Friday | November 17, 2017 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew
Leroy Gibbons
Leroy Gibbons

During a shooting incident on the Port Henderson Road, St Catherine, on October 16, Canadian-based reggae singer Leroy Gibbons (whose given name is Leroy Gibbon) was injured. Having since since recovered, he is taking a spiritual outlook on life.

"In a way, I am more cautious and conscious. However, I don't fear for my life because of the situation, but I have quit smoking to change my overall lifestyle. It was a wake-up call that has made me cool out from those things, focus on myself and be more spiritually uplifted, as only God could have done that for me," Gibbons told The Gleaner.

"The Lord wants me to do some work for him, so I have changed a lot. I am more trusting of Him because He has shown that He loves me and is there to protect me."

The incident was something the veteran artiste said he could have avoided. "I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, as the attackers were not believed to be trying to shoot me," Gibbons said.




He was shot in the left buttock and the bullet exited through his groin, leaving him with a fractured pelvic bone. Gibbons was discharged from hospital approximately two weeks ago and is all set to take to the stage again.

Prior to being shot, he had been booked to perform on November 25 at Ernie Smith in Concert, slated for Spiritz of Hanover (SOH) Gourmet Restaurant, Sports Bar and Gaming Lounge in Hopewell. The concert also features Peter Metro, Hopeton James and 2017 Rising Stars winner Short Boss.

"I am ready to perform. It could be worse, but I am walking (without any crutches) and all of that," Gibbons said. For the upcoming performance, the singer has not shared any indication that it will be spiritual, but promises that it will be worth attending.

"I prefer to do songs that the people know, like Magic Moment, Lovers Question and Missing You. I am for the people; people put the letter 'S' on my name, I accepted it and just say it is for the stage," Gibbons said.

He has no plans of giving up Jamaica because of the experience, but said it is time to return home to Canada. "I need to go back now, but I am waiting until I complete all the events I have been booked for. Just to go deal with some personal things," Gibbons said.

The reggae singer has been on the island for approximately one year, having travelled to Jamaica last November to prepare for the 2017 staging of Rebel Salute.

"Though I am based in Canada, I like to be here for the people. I am always looking forward to Jamaica even though I live elsewhere. I come out here every once in a while to get a 'buss'. The Jamaican people are the ones who slingshot me across the world. While the young generation does not know of me, being here also helps with that," Gibbons said.