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5 Questions with Sevana

Published:Friday | December 1, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Sevana (left) wirh Protoje at The Boardwalk Village, Negril, Westmoreland, in May.

Singer-songwriter Sevana has enjoyed a stellar run in entertainment this year. She has travelled to Europe as opening act alongside newcomer Lila Ike, for their label-mate Protoje of the In.Digg.Nation. Sevana has also starred as leading lady in the mini web-series Losing Patience. The songstress even planned and headlined her own philanthropic production, A Shirt for A Show. The Gleaner caught up with the giving-singing starlet to find out how she views herself as part of the entertainment industry.


You planned and executed your first public philanthropic pursuit. How did it go?

Sevana: After going through all the clothes, we ended up sorting about 50 bags. We delivered them to ten homes, including the Salvation Army - Caribbean Territory.


Your colleague, Chronixx, has being nominated for a Grammy. Is that something to which you aspire?

Recently, I've been learning about the process, where you have to put the album out before a certain date and there's a committee that selects. I probably will, I guess. I haven't given it a lot of thought, but when people get nominated, I get really excited. It's great that Chronixx was nominated. His body of work is really strong. But will I? I guess, yeah - if there's a chance your work can be awarded.


You have been featured on Protoje's work, but is there any other artiste you really want to work with?

I really like The Original Koffee, the seventeen-year-old. I think she has really good energy and her song - Burning - it is good songwriting for her age -I guess we often judge people based on what they can do 'for their age', but I think she's really impressive.


Are you as excited as everyone else about the Chronology Caribbean Tour concert tonight?

Definitely! I'll be there and I'm very much looking forward to it. The platform Chronixx has created is really incredible and it will be really good to see it all play out. It'll be useful for that, proving we can do it on such a scale. I'm excited!


How has the acting career been going? What's the update with 'Losing Patience' season 2?

Losing Patience season two is in pre-production now. There's not much I can say except, know that the scripts are finished, know that I'm learning my lines, and there's a casting call now! We're casting extras soon. We're filming sooner than most people would think.


Bonus: There has been touring, TV show premieres, philanthropic ventures and the pending release of your new single, Justice. Besides that, what's next for Sevana?

I have some performances scheduled, some corporate gigs too. I have a lot of plans really! But nothing I've started working on yet.