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‘Never Love Again’ shows promise

Published:Thursday | December 7, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Live Wyya Band's single, Never Love Again, which is slated for official release to start off 2018, shows promise on two levels. One is the quality of the song and the other, the lyrical content which, though not literally a pledge of better treatment to a lady who has been hurt repeatedly, is at least a commitment to a non-combative connection.

Never Love Again is a lovers rock track which sticks to two basics of the reggae sub-genre: it is easy listening, and deals with matters of the romantic kind. Although this does not leave much leeway for diversity, it does establish expectations which the song meets well. However, although the song is certainly competent, it does not exceed those pre-established parameters to bowl me over.

There is comfort in the lyrics, with the emotional trauma stated in the first verse ("You keep telling people/That you will never love again/Cause love's treated you badly/And it's only caused you tears and pain"). The non-threatening approach comes in the chorus ("Although you'll never love again/I am here to be your friend/No matter how much you are hurting/You can't draw the curtain on love").

It is a well-structured song, as would be expected of a band with Live Wyya's pedigree, and takes no chances in putting its message of reassurance across. This gives Never Love Again a near guarantee of finding an audience.

- M.C