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'Long Time Oliver Country Nuh See Yuh' - Comedian to embark on islandwide tour

Published:Sunday | December 17, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Oliver Samuels
Oliver Samuels

With a hectic overseas schedule, which not only includes performances of his hit plays, but also frequent guest appearances at events kept in his honour, Oliver Samuels does not get the opportunity to tour the rural parts of his beloved Jamaica as much as he could.

Things are even more complicated as Jamaica lacks the theatrical venues to accommodate the audiences of the size Oliver brings. Luckily, for Christmas this year, Samuels has partnered with Whirlwind Entertainment to do an islandwide tour.

Starting with St Thomas on December 16, the fun train moves to Hotel Commingle in Savanna-la-Mar on December 17. There are two shows at the Port Antonio High School on December 23, then Manchester is in for a treat on the traditional theatre day - Boxing Day - as there will be two shows at the Belair High School.




Samuels and the crew close out the year on December 30, giving some cheer to the city of Montego Bay at the Montego Bay Community College.

Videos of the shows' performance in Georgia and Florida depict sold-out audiences, with additional chairs being added in places like Miramar and Atlanta. Most of Samuels' Kingston shows were also sold out.

As Samuels jokingly warned, "Mi nuh know when me can reach country again, so unu try buy unu ticket early an don't bother cuss mi say unu miss the laughter in the Christmas."