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Heineken join forces with Xaymaca

Published:Wednesday | December 27, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Xaymaca International Road March last year.

Heineken has partnered with Xaymaca International to deliver an ultra-luxe experience for carnival revellers in 2018.

"Partnering with Xaymaca International for 2018 was a no-brainer," said Suwannee Caine-Stewart, brand manager for Heineken. "We've worked with Andrew Bellamy in the past at Tabanca Tuesday, so there's great synergy between the brand and the level of execution of his events."

Andrew Bellamy serves as a director of the Xaymaca team.

In addition to Heineken's sponsorship, they will occupy the Xaymaca road March day with a T-shirt section along with their fellow Heineken NV brand, Smirnoff.

Xaymaca is set to have at least three lead-up events before the major road parade. First on the list is The Gift of Soca, scheduled to take place this evening at the Waterfront, downtown Kingston.