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Rondell Positive for Magnify Him gospel concert in Mandeville

Published:Saturday | December 30, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Rondell Positive

In 1991, the annual gospel concert, Magnify Him, began as a showcase for the Holiness Born Again Church in Heartease, Mandeville, but over the last few years, the showcase has expanded exponentially.

The event has grown into an expansive, more inclusive event, promising the contributions of top local gospel artistes.

Maintaining its regular schedule to take place on the first Saturday in January (6th), Magnify Him will be headlined by Rondell Positive at the Kendal Camp and Conference Centre in Manchester.

Founder and producer of the concert, Anthony Morris, flipped the script in 2015 by booking Kevin Downswell as a guest performer. In 2016, Morris invited Jermaine Edwards, and to close 2017, Rondell Positive will take the stage.

"Magnify Him has become one of the more popular gospel music events in central Jamaica. It's the place where the entire family and the community get together to thank God for the year that has passed and praise Him in expectation for the year ahead," Morris told The Gleaner.


Growth of function


"The function started out as a choir presentation for the church, at the church; just about three miles from Mandeville town," Morris said.

"It continued and the crowd continued to swell. Then 2011, after getting complaints of people being stepped on because the crowd was so thick, we decided to move the venue."

According to Morris, the concert expanded until it was standing room only.

"People were standing outside. I had to have compassion," he said. In 2012, the concert moved to the Northern Caribbean University auditorium. Morris said: "I was shocked at the crowd, which was at that time, maybe 1,200."

Now, Magnify Him, will take place at Kendal Camp, where Morris expects will see it's full capacity at 1,000 patrons.

The HBAC Withorn Choir, will also be prominently featured at the concert, but Morris confessed that the focus is moving a little away from the choir because "we have other guest artistes to come and complement," he said. Also scheduled to perform at the concert are Rhoda Isabella, known for her work with popular gospel band, iWorshipp, along with Chris Malachi, who will be making his performance debut.