Sun | Oct 21, 2018

GG brings early end to Xaymaca pop-up lyme

Published:Monday | January 29, 2018 | 12:00 AMJerome Reynolds/Gleaner Writer

Rain can't stop soca, but the GG can. Soca lovers and fete-a-holics have a popular saying, that the rain only stops a cricket match, not a soca party.

Rain or shine, the fun must go on. That's usually true, but not so last Friday night when Governor General Sir Patrick Allen rained on the parade of patrons at the Xaymaca International pop-up lyme.

Held at the popular hangout spot Barbican Beach in St Andrew, the blazing good time was cut short at the direction of the head of State.

The vibrant crowd was told that the GG needed to sleep and that the soca sensation was affecting his lullaby.

A pang of disbelief and despair took hold of the crowd, with some looking to the stars above as if making a wish to the soca gods for a reprieve. It did not come.


Fun-filled lyme


In true 'feteron' style, patrons, not wanting the party to end, sang aloud and stomped their feet on the dance floor to keep the energy going. This was, however, short-lived.

Before that, the fun-filled lyme was in full swing with more waistlines loosening with every sip of libation.

In addition to a fully stocked bar, patrons were treated to an inclusive iCool cocktail station, which provided refreshing Campari, Appleton Estate and Wray & Nephew White Rum mixes. The cocktails were in demand.

Also in demand were the musical stylings of DJs Richie Ras and Lantern MD, who were accompanied by popular mic man Marlon Campbell. The music was sensational, raising blood pressures and creating happy feet.

Sadly, that happiness was not shared by the neighbour to the east, who had his troops call a premature end to the fete.

The lyming continued despite the absent music.