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Downswell does live remake of gospel classic

Published:Tuesday | January 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Kevin Downswell

Gospel artiste Kevin Downswell decided to take the themes of thankfulness and starting anew to the next level. Using his talent and medium of expression - music - he found a way to bring those themes to life.

I Feel Like Running is a classic. It's an energetic tune that many Jamaicans may have grown up listening to - whether they attended church regularly or not. Downswell, in his release of a live version of this song, has given it his own creative twist without compromising its traditional nature.

"This song will cause you to move your feet and play it repeatedly on your preferred listening device," he says. "This song is one of thanksgiving and is released at the start of the year to encourage persons to give thanks irrespective of the experiences of the past year and, more importantly, be thankful for what lies ahead."

This song will be part of Realignment: The Live Encounter - his album set to be released in Easter of this year. The album is Downswell's first live album. The name 'Realignment' sprung from the annual series of events done by Kevin Downswell Ministries, which focuses on giving back to communities, and children in particular.

A live album is something Downswell has wanted to do for some time now.

"It's something that is rarely done in Jamaica and the Caribbean due to how thorough and meticulous the whole process is," he says. However, Downswell challenged himself and his team to step out in the deep.

The album will be available for pre-order by mid-March.

"I believe this is my best work yet. You can tell that a number of the songs I did felt liberated and fit a live setting more than a studio feel."