Tue | Dec 18, 2018

Church welcome to march too - Bankay responds to proposed church mass movement

Published:Thursday | March 22, 2018 | 12:00 AMMel Cooke

Kamal Bankay of the National Carnival Stakeholders Committee, has welcomed a proposed march by church members in response to the annual Carnival Road March. “They are welcome and encouraged to express their views and to show us how to have fun in a Christian manner,” Bankay told The Gleaner.

In a story published in The Gleaner on March 9, it was reported Maranatha Ministries is preparing for a street march in the Corporate Area on October 27. Reverend Bobby McIntosh of Maranatha Ministries said "if there was ever a time, now is the time for the Church to come together. Carnival takes centre stage and is a celebration of flesh and immoralities. ... One of the themes that has been used by carnival is "rebirth". Rebirth of what? Only God knows."


Canadian pastor Ayanna Solomon said "the Devil was the worship leader in Heaven who eventually began leading people to worship him. When revellers dance on the streets, that is a form of worship, and people don't realise it. As they express passion for lust, something is released in the atmosphere that condones certain lifestyles, even homosexuality."

Bankay said “Jamaica is a free country, a democratic country. We have the same rights, freedom of speech. You can express yourself in any way.

The churches are spreading the good word of the Lord and need that,” Bankay said, noting that he is a spiritual person himself. He also said that in running Carnival in Jamaica, the organisers are not “trying to express a philosophical viewpoint.”

“We do it to bring love and harmony and joy to our lovely country. There are great entertainment and social benefits. I believe if there is more entertainment and sport crime will go down – it will make people feel good,” said Bankay, noting that he was not contacted by organisers of the proposed church march.

However, he queried the timing of the church’s march, six months after the Carnival in Jamaica road march in April, asking “why wait until October?”