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Sean Penn no longer "in love" with acting

Published:Friday | March 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Sean Penn

The Academy Award-winning star is widely regarded as one of the most talented performers of his generation, but Sean's focus has switched towards some of his other interests in recent years and he's admitted that he's no longer as passionate about the movie business as he once was.

He shared: "I think that this has been true for some time.

"It can be great when you're working with good actors or good directors or good writing as an exercise, but do I have a belief that it has a lasting value? Maybe, I could make the argument intellectually.

"But I don't have a visceral ... I'm not in love with that anymore."

At the moment, Sean is busily promoting his first novel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, which tells the story of a septic tank salesman-turned-assassin who murders people with a mallet.

Speaking with CBS about the novel, the 57-year-old star explained:

"You know, some people are going to get this book and some people are not going to get this book.

"Some people, I think, will really enjoy it, others will loathe it.

And that really is what I'd like to say about me, you know?"

Meanwhile, Sean and actress Amber Heard were recently rumoured to have enjoyed a flirty dinner date together earlier this month.

The celebrity duo were spotted at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles over Oscars weekend.

A source said at the time: "Amber Heard and Sean Penn looked like they were on a date. They shared a bottle of red wine and were flirty and intimate with each other, at times in deep conversation and at times laughing."