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Earth Day: Make more music highlighting issues

Published:Friday | April 20, 2018 | 2:39 PMStephanie Lyew
DJ Bambino
Bella Blair
Bounty Killer
Kabaka Pyramid
Queen Ifrica

With the theme song, "Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica", doing very well for the campaign - speaking about the proper disposal of garbage, and awareness for the environment, environmentalists are calling for similar music.

Written and produced by Jeremy Ashbourne and Inilek Wilmot, it is catchy and straight to the point.

According to Susan Stanley chief executive officer of the Jamaica Environmental Trust (JET), during the formative stages of the Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica campaign, the first thing that came to mind was creating a logo and a jingle that would have an impact.

"Although specifically recorded for the campaign, it has become a popular song. At first we just did it for radio advertising, a short 30 second jingle and then a 60 second version was released," Stanley said. The campaign was launched in 2015.

She noted, "JET will be contacted by artistes to use songs not specifically written for their campaigns, but could create an impact if aligned with one."

"Its' a creative process - a song is not always a good fit. We don't need a million songs, just one that is iconic to make persons more aware," she pointed out.

The 1990s, Jimmy Cliff did 'Save Our Planet'; Bounty Killer, 'Fed Up'; Assassin, 'Something Gotta Give'; and 'Leave the Tree's, by Chezidek, all touched on environmental ssues. There are not many that do that can be played on Earth Day (April 22).

Stanley said even though artistes are not singing about it (the environment), sharing information with their fans, is still great support. She continued to big up; Bounty Killer, Queen Ifrica and Kabaka Pyramid, who have been active in sharing through social media as well as reaching out to the music fraternity to become aware of environmental issues.

"Social issues include the environment too, and the conscious messages in the lyrics of reggae and dance hall music attract all ages, it would be good to hear more of those productions," Stanley said.

Social media personalities have also partnered with the various environmental agencies. The 'Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica', remix featured Bella Blair and DJ Bambino. Prince Pine had also released 'Weh Garbage A Go' - speaking about composting. The input of the entertainers has contributed to increasing the awareness of the campaigns - Save Goat Islands, Save Cockpit Country and Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica.