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DREAM Weekend Cruise set for March 2019

Published:Monday | May 7, 2018 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle/Gleaner Writer
From left: Members of the Dream Entertainment team Gregory Wright, Ron Burke, PJ Wright, Scott Dunn and Kamal Bankay.
Kamal Bankay

A date has been set for Dream Entertainment's newest venture - Dream Weekend Cruise. Slated for March 10-15, 2019, the excitement level is almost at fever pitch. Cabins are expected to be sold off quickly when pre-sold tickets go on sale today.

Dream Entertainment's Kamal Bankay, told The Gleaner that the idea for a cruise was birthed from the need to have a 'non-stop party' experience. He said that while Dream Entertainment is known for giving patrons a premium party experience, so far, none of their events offer a 'party all day, all night' experience. He says the cruise will give partygoers an experience they've never had before - partying right around the clock.

"Dream Weekend is five days, five nights of partying in Negril, but as amazing as that is, one of the limitations is that everyone that comes to Dream Weekend stays at different hotels up and down the Strip, and the experience we provide for patrons happens at the event and stops once they leave the venue," he explained. "You're in Negril for the rest of the time doing other activities, and for us, we wanted to find a way to get people to spend all that time with us. The only way we were going to do that is if we found a hotel big enough to hold all of Dream Weekend's patrons or a cruise ship. So we decided on the latter."




Bankay explained that although the cruise concept is not new to Jamaica or the Caribbean (with the success of the Welcome To Jamrock and Love and Harmony cruises), the Dream Weekend Cruise will be different as it will not be based on stage shows/performances. "Those cruises are primarily predicated on heavy stage performances, but for us, it will be about a non-stop party, so it will be a true 'party boat', and we will be spending a lot of time and energy ensuring all the parties are amazing."

He said that all the party elements that Dream Entertainment has become known for will be a part of the cruise experience. "When we leave Miami, we'll be heading to Nassau, and when we dock there, we will be having Daydreams for the first time ever in Nassau. When we leave Nassau, we will head to Montego Bay, where we will dock and have Wet n' Wild. In-between all of that, we will have the events in-between that people have come to love like Yush, our soca pool party, and all other parties that Dream Entertainment does that fit nicely with the logistics of a ship." Although the cruise will be largely party-based, Bankay revealed that there will be some performances along the route.

The ship only has 1,500 rooms, and Bankay says based on the response he has been getting so far, he expects that the majority of those will be booked during the pre-sale phase.