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5 Questions with Minister Marion Hall

Published:Friday | May 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Mother's Day interview with Marion Hall on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.
Mother's Day interview with Marion Hall on Wednesday, May 9, 2018.

As Lady Saw, she was called a sexual goddess, a lyrical mastermind, and the queen of the dancehall. To this day, her music is still loved and she remains one of the outstanding contributors to the genre, having paved the way for other females artistes such as Spice and Macka Diamond.

Now that she has devoted her life to God, Minister Marion Hall is now poised and ready to take on the next phase of her life in the gospel music industry. Today, she releases I've Gotta Fast , the first single from her upcoming album called His Grace, and The Gleaner got the inside scoop on what Hall has been up to.

How do you respond to fans who say they miss Lady Saw?

"A lot of times I'm out there in the street, or even going through the airport or step out of a car and people say "We miss yuh inna the dancehall!" Mi seh, 'Yuh tink mi did bad inna dancehall? Mi bad inna di name ah Jesus yah now' I don't know if they'll ever understand. Some do, I think. But when God call yuh ... I'm so in love with the Lord that I don't miss anything. So stop missing me!"

Is there anything you learned from your days as a hardcore dancehall artiste that informs your approach to your gospel career?

"What I've learnt is since I got saved. What I can say I learnt is that money they say it's the root of all evil? Lawd, it brings a lot of contention, enemies, bitterness, arguments, animosity. But the money I make now, it don't cause arguments and contention. There's no jealousy, nobody fighting me for any position. When I was Lady Saw, I was quick to bite. As soon as somebody say something, I attack. Maybe it was pride. I couldn't leave it alone and let it pass. But now, I realise I'm a different person. There's so many naysayers and people who are trying to pull me back in. But I don't have that anger inside of me. I know how to walk away and leave things alone when it doesn't concern me. That's a long answer, but I just ... trying to fit it in, you know?"

Is there anything you would like all your fans (past and present) to know?

"For the past fans, I did what I was supposed to do to support me and my family. I'm so excited to be where I am right now as one of His servants. For my new fans because I got a lot of fans and even some old ones who were there with me, just know that I'm happy with Christ. I'm at peace. I'm just happy now that you get to know Minister Marion Hall instead of Lady Saw. Don't go back there!"

Have you become active in your church? Have you taken on any mentorship/leadership roles?

"One day, they said it was beautification day, and I wanted to do so much, I said OK, I'm gonna put my name down. When I went there, a young lady gave me a mop. I remember I felt the presence of the Lord, and my tears fell on the floor and I just mop it in the house of God. And what came out of it is a song called I'll Pay You Back. That's on the album coming.

I go to other churches, and whenever they're feeding people who are less fortunate, I'll go and give a hand. Whatever church calls me, and I can be a part of it, that's what I do."

What is one thing you always tell your children?

"I used to tell my children, 'Don't be getting up in my books!' When I was Lady Saw, I used to hide my books. But now, I can leave everything open easily."

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