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Not bad, but not 'Incredible'

Published:Sunday | June 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMDamian Levy/Gleaner Writer
The Incredible family in 'Incredibles 2'.

At long last the Incredibles are back. Fans had to sit by a

an outdated sitcom, it's best to note that while the first film had palpable family drama, its sequel is almost entirely a comedy. This is most notably, as it relates to Jack-Jack, the youngest of the family. His newfound powers make for a bulk of the film's material dealing with Mr Incredible as a stay-at-home Dad. I appreciated that Mr Incredible never felt like a hapless idiot at home. He actually would've performed admirably, had his infant not been spontaneously combustible.

That, I feel, helps to sum up Incredibles 2 well. It would have no problem being super, but because of a few choice elements here and there it's simply just good. This is especially as it relates to the villain which, unfortunately, takes away from Elastigirl's solo adventure, which is immeasurable in its importance as representation. You don't often get a superhero film that talks about the necessity of female role models.

It is certainly charming to watch the Parrs interact. Pixar's animation is unparalleled and, combined with the stellar voice work across the board, you forget you're watching an animated picture sometimes. It's because the film was so able to immerse me in its world that it was so crushing when something would happen to take me out of it.

Rating: Half-Price