Fri | Dec 14, 2018

Wild Sanchez- Singer lights up Barbican Beach with 'Signature' sound

Published:Sunday | July 1, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberly Small
Shaday Gillmore, caught up with emotions during Sanchez’s performance.
Dancehall artiste Flourgon (right) joined the headliner for a short but very energetic set.
Sanchez had the audience lapping up his every musical word.
Shara Wolfe caught up in musical rapture.

Last Thursday, The Appleton Signature Nights concert series continued its nomadic move across the island, making a stop at Barbican Beach Bar with the incomparable, sensational human jukebox Sanchez.

Tables and chairs laid out across the sandy floor were quickly occupied by the concert's early birds. But no matter; the majority of fans were content to stand behind their sitting fellows and along the sidelines.

Whether sitting or standing, this crowd was a sea of perpetual waves, rocking, swaying, and lifting their hands in salute to Sanchez's flawless and unrelenting performance.

Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone, Missing You Now, and Let's Get It On are just the tip of the hit songs the stage master lifted from his immense catalogue.

The magnitude of his wide-ranging catalogue aside, Sanchez's ability to recreate and simultaneously reinvent your favourite songs seems boundless and is highly appreciated.

Every melody came with familiarity. There were no songs performed that didn't have the crowd singing loudly along in a joyous chorus.

Speaking of, the versatility of the artiste, he took the event to church, performing a lively Christian segment which had patrons appropriately clapping, stomping, and singing along.

In another display of range, Sanchez invited his dance hall colleague Flourgon, who gave a small bite of his "300 million dollar" song, We Run Tings. The headlining crooner gave his own small bites of dance hall, dropping a few half-verses throughout his set.

Evident of a great performance, Sanchez was called back on stage for two encores.

In a show of mastery, a few words and signals to his accompanying band mates would launch the singer into another and then another crowd-enticing song.

After nearly two hours of entertainment, the show, indeed, came to a close. But the night was not over.

Fans continued to celebrate the expert performer, who lingered side-stage to accommodate the flurry of photographs and adoring hugs.