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5 Questions with Sanchez

Published:Wednesday | July 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberly Small/Gleaner Writer

When Sanchez's name is on the bill, promoters can expect that both men and women will come out in droves to listen to the smooth, expert crooning of the musical genius.

Recently, after his second appearance under the Appleton Signature Nights banner, this time in Kingston at Barbican Beach Bar, The Gleaner caught up with the talented singer. He told us that his repertoire is immeasurable and, therefore, impossible to merely rehearse, especially as a performer whose audience always demands one encore, or more.

Sanchez also maintained that his faith remains a major part of his performance. That night, the singer performed a cover of Josh Groban's You Lift Me Up. With his eyes shut, he stood centre stage exuding passion that had the audience spellbound. He later affirmed that the globally popular gospel song is one of his favourites. Today, we give you a little more as we have five questions with Sanchez.

When you're on stage, how does it feel to have the audience singing along with you to every song?

It's always awesome, and I think that feeling is ... you can't duplicate that feeling.

Have you ever counted how many songs you know and have in your repertoire to perform?

Not really. I just ask God for the blessing all the time, and He keeps me in tune.

What kind of rehearsal time goes into your performances?

"I don't even rehearse. What we do is pray and ask God to lead us. That's how we been doing it for years - the Almighty Himself takes over when we're on stage.

Do you have a favourite song to perform?

Of course. Praise Him, You Lift Me Up, Amazing Grace - just to name a few.

Where will you be heading next to perform?

This summer we'll be heading out on the road for a European tour - from August to September.


Bonus: Will there ever come a time when you'll decide to stop performing?

I don't think so, because I know that the love my fans have for me is unconditional. I don't know when I can ever say that to them.