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Feluke, the Phoenix returns from the brink with 'Insight'

Published:Wednesday | August 29, 2018 | 12:08 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Recording artiste Feluke.
Feluke performing at his benefit concert on September 24, 2017.

On September 24, a year to the day of his Healing concert, Denver 'Feluke' Smith will host the launch of his seven track EP - Insight.

This anniversary event, is not just a matter of picking up where he left off. "I'd say it's understanding what I'm supposed to do," Feluke told The Gleaner.

Last year, he was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer. With help from friends and the musical fraternity, a benefit concert was held to raise funds to send him to Mexico to undergo treatment. This year, the multi-talented musician has returned to continue his musical journey.

Interestingly, the EP's title was settled before the master drummer took ill. In fact, the entire EP was already mixed, mastered and waiting for distribution. "It's been a long time coming, because it was mixed two years ago. When he got sick, we had to hold back everything," said Llamar 'Riff Raff' Brown, producer and owner of Nebilus Records.

"To be able to be here today, is by the hands of the most high God. The EP for me is a spiritual journey - ministering to souls. I've realised that a lot of the songs that were written, were actually written for the journey. Soul Alive, especially, walked me through all of my journey," Feluke explained.

Earlier this week, the recovered entertainer took his skills to the We Inspire Women Brunch, where he performed Soul Alive. "Everybody loved it. They connected with the story of keeping mind, heart and soul alive. The Almighty sent me on a path - of Feluke the Phoenix!"

These days, the singer is working with a renewed sense of purpose. The journey was marked by his diagnosis, but it did not start there. "We even did an EP release party in one ah di yaad, seh we ready. And then we just haffi hold off everything," recalled Riff Raff. The pair is also anticipating the release of Feluke's debut album - but all in good time.

"I appreciate life and insight a little more. Now, I check myself. I can do what I want to do, but when I'm tired - rest. The Almighty slow we down. Riff get sick, me get sick ... but then we would still go to the studio. So maybe the message was 'check unuself. Write good song, but check yuhself," the singer surmise.




1. Israel

2. Show Love ft. Gentleman, Nebilus and Jesse Royal

3. Revolution

4. It's A Shame

5. False Accusations ft. Ky-Mani Marley and Runkus

6. Devil In Disguise

7. Soul Alive

The first official single is Revolution, which along with the EP, will be available for pre-order as of August 31, with a release date of September 28. "The album soon come, too. We just have to get this out and start getting out on the road, then we can finish up the album, which is basically finished. We just to choose the songs," Riff Raff revealed.

"These people who came together for Insight, dem deh deh with me, from the making of the EP, all the way. There are other people who have been there behind the scenes, dem nuh leave me," Feluke said, making special mention of his constant companions, Crystal Campbell and Denesha Downer. He added, "With these songs I've come to understand that we are all one, and once we stick together, we can keep our souls alive." he said.