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Happy Hour introduces drink delivery service to Corporate Area

Published:Friday | August 31, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
FJ, founder of Happy Hour Deliveries.
Khaleel McDonald
Now you can drink responsibly in the comfort of your home.

Avenues of entrepreneurship are paved with innovation by those who uncover ways to solve problems we didn't realise existed. A new delivery service in town is built into the bar culture and offers comfort to those who would rather party at home.

"Happy Hour Deliveries is a beverage delivery service for alcohol," founder F.J., told The Gleaner. Launching today, customers will order online. "A website will follow the mobile app. The estimated timeline for those is the end of September," he explained.

Happy Hour Deliveries' rationale is that it is safer for people to drink at home or at a friend's house rather than being on the road. They claim that a large motivation for starting the business is to promote responsible drinking.

Customers will be required to confirm their age upon delivery. "There's an I.D. check to make sure the customer is 18 years old or older. What we're doing is promoting responsible drinking."


Drinking responsibly


The idea had been brewing for almost five years, but F.J. was unable to find the right business partner. After a conversation with former schoolmate and friend Khaleel McDonald, he decided that partnering with him was the best course of action. "We went to the University of Technology together, so it's easier to trust him. He has good business sense, and we have a good working relationship and friendship," said F.J. A year after forging the friendship, Happy Hour Deliveries became a reality.

"I like the idea of it. I think it has the potential to be a pretty good service, especially in Jamaica," McDonald told The Gleaner.

He added, "Drinking is a big part of our pastime. Alcohol tends to be mixed into a lot of our adult activities," the co-founder posited.

Maintaining that viewpoint, McDonald and F.J. are not concerned that they could be feeding a monster.

"Everything can be bad, in excess. We're not promoting excessive drinking, but convenient drinking. It's not that we're encouraging something - we're just making life a little more convenient. We have a ridiculously high level of traffic. If I can stay at home to have my favourite food delivered, my favourite drinks delivered, my groceries delivered, I'd do it. People don't want the hassle of going out and getting the food anymore," McDonald said.


The College Market


The original plan was to launch the service in time for the summer. F.J. said: "But August seemed like a good date so we had time to prepare and get things in order. We moved it to the beginning of the academic year to target college students. For those who have children going back to school, you may not have the luxury of going out but still want to have a drink and socialise."

If the company's launch is successful and sustained, the operators have already considered their next move. "We're going to expand the catalogue soon with cups, straws and other necessary amenities," F.J. said.

In addition to alcoholic beverages, Happy Hour also delivers sodas, juices and ice. Deliveries are on Fridays between 7 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. and on Saturdays between 5 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. "We're trying to keep delivery within an hour," F.J. said.