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After a decade in the business, Stainless MOB looks for growth

Published:Thursday | September 13, 2018 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew/Gleaner Writer
Frome left: Andre 'Splinta' Facey, Sean 'Sinimax' Maxam, Kemar 'Zeeno' McFarlane and Kedo 'Baak' Witter make up the reggae/dancehall quarter, Stainless MOB.

"The international community had always been more welcoming of our music, which seems to be our biggest disadvantage right now," said Sean 'Sinimax' Maxam, the most outspoken of the four. Kemar 'Zeeno' McFarlane, Kedo 'Baak' Witter and Andre 'Splinta' Facey, along with Maxam, make up the Stainless MOB quartet.

"Because our group does not have the typical dancehall sound, it requires more from us to get more exposure within the Jamaican audience," continued Maxam.

However, with an image and sound that were different from most of the artistes that emerged during the early 2000s, it was still expected that the four artistes would have been overseas representing among other Jamaican entertainers. Maxam said that when Stainless MOB was formed, the four members were still in high school and needed time to adjust and learn the business of the industry.

This year has proven the most challenging for Stainless MOB. Maxam said, "It is the most competitive with the crop of artistes that have come to the forefront. There have been times where we feel like, you can say, so close yet so far."

The entertainers said that there have been times when the idea of going solo crossed their minds. The members have all done solo projects.


Individual strength


"[Going] solo helps to build individual strengths and express one's self, and we have done that. Each time the opportunity comes around, we try to include one another; it is either all or nothing now," said Facey.

Getting a 'buss' individually is just one of the sacrifices the entertainers are willing to make in addition to the late studio nights. Stainless MOB is probably the only dancehall/reggae group that exists in the current scene, McFarlane said. "It is something that will work for us, we are totally different."

He said the group is more aware and is making the effort to adapt to the era.

Stainless MOB has never signed or associated with a specific record label but is now operating under new management, Counter Point. A name change was considered but never effected. The four entertainers admit that although they survived the decade as Stainless MOB, it is now time to conquer. The production of a music video for their most recent release, Clean Everyday, is pending.