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Wolmer's Dance Troupe promises exciting season with double dose of dance

Published:Wednesday | September 19, 2018 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle/Gleaner Writer
Wolmer’s Dance Troupe promises an exciting season.
For their 28th season, the troupe will be partnering with fellow dance group – Dance Theatre Xaymaca.

The Wolmer's Dance Troupe is promising a lot of action onstage for their 28th season of dance. Set for September 28-30 at the Little Theatre, the annual event is expected to deliver its usual high-energy performances as the troupe puts the final touches to their specially choreographed pieces.

This year, patrons are expected to get a double dose of entertainment, as the troupe will join forces with Dance Theatre Xaymaca to give guests even greater value for their money.

"As if the show Wolmer's Dance Troupe puts on every year isn't enough, this year we will be giving our guests more when we collaborate with our sister dance group Dance Theatre Xaymaca," said Roxanne Hussey, executive member of the troupe. "It usually is a great show with just one set of performers, and this year we will be having two so it is double the dancing, double the excitement and double the fun."

All eyes are expected to be glued to the stage as the action on the platform is expected to be riveting. This year's show is being held under the theme 'Onstage,' and according to Hussey, if guests look away for one minute, they will miss a piece of the action.

"You can't afford to miss this show. Not only are you going to get real value for your money with two groups expected to perform, but your eyes will be glued to the stage for every minute of it. If you turn away for even a second, you may miss some of the action, that's how exciting the show will be," she expressed. "It will be the same show we perform every night, except for gala night (on Saturday) when we will add a little something extra like we always do."