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Kevoy Burton joins the cast of 'Right Girl, Wrong Address'

Published:Monday | September 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Kevon Burton as Glemore in the play ‘Country Wedding’.
Kevoy Burton playing Derrick in Chris Browne’s ‘Ghett’a Life’, considers turning to the gun after his mother is shot by an area don.

For it's initial run, Patrick Brown's Right Girl, Wrong Address booked more than 250 performances since its Boxing Day (December 26) opening last year. The comedy has been revived at the Centerstage Theatre in New Kingston for a limited run, and offers a fresh face among the well-known and beloved cast.

Thespian Akeem Mignott had the role of Adam Prince in the popular play, and has now handed over to young talent Kevoy Burton.

According to Jambiz Inter-national principal Lenford Salmon, Mignott stepped away in order to focus on other projects. "(Mignott) teaches at Hillel Academy. He wanted to concentrate on that. He felt he needed a break to concentrate on that, and he has already given us nine months," he told The Gleaner.




With such big shoes to fill, Burton had to undergo rigorous study for his place in the production. "It's not the first time we have done this, so there is a methodology," Salmon explained. To replace Mignott, Burton watched several performances and took notes, before going off with the director, Trevor Nairne, to train reading his lines.

"The task was a daunting one, but I've never been afraid of challenges," the young actor said. Burton came to public attention with his performance of Derrick in Chris Browne's film Ghett'a Life.

Since the play's reopening on September 14, Burton has reprised the role of Prince, joining a cast which includes Glen 'Titus' Campbell, Sakina Deer, Sharee Elise and Courtney Wilson.

"Most young actors yearn to be a part of what happens at Centerstage. These guys know what it is to create wonderful and exciting theatre, and to attract an audience to watch it. You get this tremendous feeling of achievement when you see the audience cracking up with laughter each night, and the rousing applause you get at the end. It's been a great experience so far," he continued.

There are no plans to revive the play in 2019. "We have to prepare for Christmas. This is the 21st year we will be opening a new play on Boxing Day. We are staying true to form," Salmon advised.

It it hoped that the new run will include performances in rural areas, including May Pen, Santa Cruz, Sav-la-Mar and Falmouth. There are also plans to show the production internationally, with a performance in Maryland, USA, on Saturday, December 1, and another in Atlanta on Sunday, December 2.