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Capleton to take A St Mary Mi Come From to the world

Published:Thursday | October 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMStephanie Lyew/Gleaner Writer
Ffurious delivered a high-energy set at the Louise Bennett Garden Theatre at Tuesday's launch.
The 'fire man' giving guest a taste of what's to come at this year's concert.
Avante opens the evening's entertainment for the A St Mary Mi Come From: Come a Town launch.

Capleton's annual A St Mary Mi Come From was originally a dance, first held in 2000 at the Clemhard's Park in Port Maria before moving to the James Bond Beach in Oracabessa. It eventually outgrew the venue when it matured into a concert.

According to Capleton's manager, Claudette Kemp, the event will not lose its authenticity because of the move to the Kingston venue - The National Arena on November 10.

"Although called 'A St Mary Mi Come From', we added 'Come A Town' because that is exactly what Capleton did," Kemp told The Gleaner.

Speaking at the launch on Tuesday at the Louise Bennett Garden Theatre in St Andrew, she noted that it is always good to have options. She added that the parish is supportive of the event's move because it is for a good reason - "to satisfy the needs of all patrons, from those who live in St Mary to the patrons that usually travel from Kingston to experience it".

Herbert Hinds, head of the Social Studies Department at the Horace Clarke High School (previously known as Islington High - Capleton's Alma Mater), who also spoke at the launch, added, "It is the event that has made some persons proud to say, 'a St Mary mi come from,' so we will trod the rough junction road to Kingston to see what has been on display in St Mary as we appreciate that the show must go on."

Speaking to the Gleaner, Capleton explained, "People should know that the reason for bringing the show to town is not taking it away from St Mary, but finding a venue indoors that we could have it rain or shine." He continued, "It was not restricted to St Mary; over the years, we shared the glory with beneficiaries in Portland, Kingston, all over, and last year's staging take a beating from the rain."

For many years, the show has been at the Gray's Inn Sports Complex, but for years, it has suffered from the effects of the weather at the outdoor venue, such as Tropical Storm Ernesto and Hurricane Sandy in 2012, which forced it to be postponed, and last year's torrential rain.


St Mary Mi Come from to the world


"As a cheerful giver, when you can't fulfil your thing, is not a great feeling", said Capleton. "When we tell you what we are doing, we want to make sure we are going to do it. We do not like to talk and no action or be word without works," said the entertainer.

Over the years, proceeds from the show have been donated to charities benefiting children in St Mary and across the island. Delroy Morgan, chief executive officer at the Annotto Bay Hospital, highlighted that they have received a contribution of $500,000 for the nursery from the entertainer and his team.

Meanwhile, Capleton revealed his vision of turning the concert into a festival that extends to more than one night of performance.

The Jah Jah City deejay told The Gleaner, "St Mary is more than a parish, and A St Mary Mi Come From is a brand. I could do St Mary Mi Come From tour in the US or London and it would still have the same meaning and purpose. I'm looking on two nights, or a three-night staging with singers on one night, deejays on another, and a vintage night."

The launch also featured performances by up-and-coming talents, some of whom are booked for the concert, such as Yeza, Hot K and Ffurious. The 'fireman' also graced the stage to give the guests a taste of what to expect on the night of the event where he has plans to be on stage for one hour.