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5 Questions with Jack Scorpio

Published:Thursday | October 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMAkeem Masters/Gleaner Writer
Jack Scorpio
Jack Scorpio

This year, Maurice Johnson, more popularly known as 'Jack Scorpio', is celebrating 50 years in music. To mark his golden jubilee, he will be hosting a series of events to reward the persons who have helped him to achieve this milestone.

Since the birth of Black Scorpio, Jack Scorpio, has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. He has won countless sound clashes around the world, and produced numerous hit songs that are a must-play at most events. Recently, he sat down to answer 5 Questions from The Gleaner.

What would you say is the greatest achievement in your career so far?

Nuff, but mi a guh narrow it dung ... . One of my biggest accomplishment is what is happening now - to be celebrating 50 years - and the response that I am getting now is great. I think it is a great accomplishment because I have been able to travel the world and play for people in Europe, America, Germany, Canada. I have won a lot of awards, a lot of clash, have many cups and things - but getting the award from the mayor of Hartford means a lot. I appreciate getting this award and being alive to receive it.

What was your go-to song to seal victory in a sound clash?

My favourite song that me draw inna a clash is Raggamuffin by Brigadier Jerry.

Do you believe that the sound system culture in Jamaica is dying?

Yes. Dats why mi build back mi sound. These guys nowadays nuh have no sound clash culture. Nowadays sound clash a when a man come wid him laptop and play some chune, which mi nuh want tek weh nutten from them, but inna my days when mi a clash, yu affi come wid yu sound and yu sound affi click and yuh deejay affi bad, so is a different culture nowadays. A man wi a clash and him carry him laptop and him play songs, suh a di better song win and nuh the better sound system.

Of the current crop of dancehall and reggae artistes, who is your favourite?

I feel proud of what is happening with artistes like Chronixx. Chronixx is like a Bob Marley because him a spread the message inna di music, and that is what we need. Nutten can't beat consciousness and righteousness inna music.

Being a producer, how do you get the best out of different artistes when you are in the studio?

One thing wid me, yu can't record or put nuh gun lyrics or no bad word pon it. Mi nuh record nuh chune weh can't play pon radio.