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Kimberly Patterson lands recurring role on BET's 'The Family Business'

Published:Thursday | November 15, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Kimberly Patterson on set of BET's The Family Business.
Kimberly Patterson with Darrin Henson, who plays Orlando Duncan.
From left: Nakiya Brown, co-owner, Tri Destined Studios; Kyle Webber, writer and executive producer; Kimberly Patterson; and Trey Haley, director, ‘The Family Business’, Tri Destined Studios.

The first step in local actress Kimberly Patterson's career was a big one, and the others that follow have not diminished in size.

While she maintains a full-time job as an aesthetician, Patterson is well on her way to becoming a full-fledged Hollywood star. First, she landed the starring role in Nick Cannon's directorial debut, King of the Dancehall. Then, she took on a spunky, vivacious Desiree alongside reggae songstress Sevana in the mini web-series Losing Patience. Now, you can catch the Jamaican make-up artist, dancer and actress on BET's brand-new family crime drama series, The Family Business.

The show is based on the book series by New York Times best-selling author Carl Weber, which follows The Duncans, an upstanding family unit by day and something more nefarious after at night. The Family Business stars well-known African-American actors like Ernie Hudson, Darrin Henson, Clifton Powell, Miguel A. Nunez Jr, and Tami Roman.

Patterson's recruitment to the star-studded series stemmed from a screening of King of the Dancehall at the Pan African Film Festival. "They reached out, and I was in New York at the time. What a coincidence! I was actually going back to Jamaica the next day; but I was still able to meet the writer," she told The Gleaner.

Upon her return home, Patterson recorded an audition video, which she sent to the casting director. Soon after, they shared the good news that she was cast as the character Ruby. As for who Ruby is, Patterson says, "I don't want to tell too much yet." However, we do know Ruby will play a vital role in the story, even though she's not part of the Duncan family ... yet?

According to, The Family Business was originally developed and produced as an indie feature franchise. Instead of pursuing a theatrical release, the producers took the two movies to BET. The Family Business will now be aired as an eight-episode drama series, which will be a co-production of BET, Tri Destined Studios, and Urban Books Media.

After her experience on Cannon's set, Patterson was virtually unfazed by the magnitude of celebrity on this project. Instead, she is excited at all the possibilities and is prepared for much more.

Clear to work in the United States, the young actress is prepared to take on Hollywood. Patterson had the opportunity to practise her first passion by doing Hudson's make-up while on the set of The Family Business. "It was just that one day. They just wanted to see what I can do. Maybe I'll be able to double as a make-up artist and actress in the future."

On the cusp of great things, Patterson has also begun to document her movements to preserve her zeal for life and hopefully to build on her growing fan base. "It's like a video diary for me. I like to have fun with life. So, in the future, when I look back, I can just smile," she said.