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Black Star Band spreads reggae music in Mexico

Published:Tuesday | November 20, 2018 | 12:00 AMSimone Morgan Lindo/Gleaner Writer
Black Star Band. From left: Mardon Brown, Steve Brown and Lance Brown.

In 2000, members of the Black Star Band went to Mexico to work in the hotels as musicians - little did they know that they would eventually called the country home

They are currently one of the most popular reggae band in the country. "We really didn't know that the country would grow on us, and we then decided not to go home. We stayed because it was affordable to live in - we are making enough money to support our family back in Jamaica, and in the process we learnt another language, which is always beneficial," said guitarist Lance Brown. According to Brown, although the Mexicans have their own genre of music, they have a special interest in reggae, and Jamaican culture. "Reggae is well accepted in Mexico. The people love the Jamaican culture and immediately know the name Bob Marley whenever mentioned. They adore our music - I mean, even if we are playing outdoors and its raining, they will not budge. They will remain in the rain for hours to listen to the genre," he said.

The members of the Black Star Band hails from Trinityville, St Thomas, but have been living in Mexico for the past 18 years. They told The Gleaner that at first it was challenging getting accustomed to the new culture - but it has now grown on them, even though both countries are so different in so many ways. "The food, weather, music and the lifestyle of the people were just really strange to us when we get there. There are food in Mexico that we have never seen before, and it was hard at first with the new diet, but over time, it has become delicious," he added.

The band is currently adding the final touches to their fifth studio album, slated to be released in the first quarter of 2019. In addition to Brown, the band also comprise lead singer and keyboard player Steve Brown, bass player Mardon Brown, and percussionist Felix Ikpide.