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Belly-busting laughter at Come Mek We Laaf

Published:Thursday | December 6, 2018 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle/Gleaner Writer
The acts had some members of the audience in tears.
Come Mek Wi Laugh 2018 delivered on its promise, and had members of the audience doubled over in laughter.
Leighton Smith
Marc Trinidad was one of the standout act of the night.
Tommy Joseph
Pretty Boy Floyd closed the night on a high.

Belly-busting laughter filled the Karl Hendrickson Auditorium on Sunday at the 14th annual installation of the Come Mek We Laaf charity event.

With a line-up that included some of Jamaica's best comedians, as well as two acts out of Trinidad and Tobago, the show delivered clean, wholesome family entertainment.

From the first act touched the stage until the very last punchline was delivered by Pretty Boy Floyd, guests were in stitches. The acts, including Confidence, Marc Trinidad, Tommy Josephs, Lemon and Leighton Smith, ensured that patrons got their money's worth, delivering joke after joke.

There were no stones left unturned as each performer creatively spun every topic imaginable for comedic relief. From the zones of special operations, the state of emergency, to the Legacy project, serious issues were made light as guests were urged to find time to laugh, despite what they are faced with on a daily basis.




While all the acts were unique in their delivery, Marc Trinidad, Leighton Smith and Pretty Boy Floyd were the night's standout performers.

Marc Trinidad, the penultimate act, managed to win the heart of every Jamaican in the audience. His jokes about the rivalry between Jamaicans and Trinidadians were well received, as he made light of the fact that Trinidadians are often thrust in the shadows when among Jamaicans. He also made fun of how Jamaicans speak, but in a manner that elicited laughter and not boos from the crowd.

Veterans Leighton Smith and Pretty Boy Floyd were expected to turn in strong performances, and they did not disappoint. Smith, who performed in the first half of the show, had the audience laughing so much that some were brought to tears. He made light of everything and everyone.

Not even the prime minister, Andrew Holness, was spared, as the size of his nose made for a very funny series of jokes. Smith said that the PM has been able to proactively tackle issues such as crime because his nose helps him to identify the areas that need special attention.

Pretty Boy Floyd closed the night highlighting the disparity in the behaviour of 'uptown' women and their 'downtown' counterpart, as well as the corruption in the police force, as he went on to deliver even more laughter to end the show on a high.