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dBURNZ's song 'Fi Di Christmas'.

Published:Monday | December 17, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberly Small/Gleaner Writer
Reggae singer dBURNZ performing at Saturday's Jamaica Youth Chorale 10th Anniversary concert.

Though the holiday season is well under way, and Christmas Day is just around the corner, dBURNZ doesn't think it's too late to introduce a new Jamaican Christmas song. Last weekend, the young reggae singer was part of the Jamaica Youth Chorale's Christmas special concert, Lux Aeterna, held at the Philip Sherlock Centre for the Creative Arts.

He was invited by Greg Simms, principal director of the award-winning singing group, to perform his brand new track called Fi Di Christmas.

dBURNZ had little trouble getting the audience to join in on the catchy lyrics:

"Mi nuh wah nuh blood ah run fi di Christmas. Sorrel alone fi red inna di streets. Mi ah beg di shotta dem fi grant me dah wish yah ... Ah fireworks alone fi ah beat!"

"I wrote it the week before last week. It really just popped up," he told The Gleaner.

Fi Di Christmas was officially released on Monday, December 10. It was delivered to various local radio stations and it has received some airplay. Acknowledging the late release, dBURNZ says that he really wanted to get the message out.

"I decided I'll drop it, late or not because I want the message to be heard. I haven't heard any songs promoting a peaceful season. I haven't heard any jolly song about the road, so I took it upon myself," the singer said. There is even a music video in the works. He added: "We ah drop a video late, but we still dropping it. Better late than never for a good message."

dBURNZ plans to build on the momentum he's sure Fi Di Christmas will create. "As soon as the season ends, 2019 starts with new music from dBURNZ. New music, crazy content - because I have been taking some personal time to get myself together. Two thousand and nineteen nah guh normal."