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Jamaica's very own Netflix - Vueture

Published:Friday | December 14, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Co-founder of Frame of Reference and CEO of Vueture Entertainment Twain Richardson.
You may soon be able to enjoy Basil Dawkins’ plays, such as ‘Champagne and Sky Juice’ with Gracia Thompson (left) and Canute Fagan, from the comfort of your home with Vueture.
Playwright and producer Basil Dawkins.

On January 1, Jamaicans can celebrate more than just the start of a new year. They can also rejoice because the country will have it's very own independent film and television-streaming distribution platform called Vueture.

Developed with the combined efforts of local post-production company Frame of Reference, Krystal Clear Logics and Mag TV, Vueture will serve as the Caribbean's response to the limited distribution options. Even though enterprises like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime are already supported by audiences across the globe, Vueture does not consider them as competitors.

"Vueture is competing with itself, based on the fact that our culture is unique and is one of the greatest export aspect of our society. Our vision is bringing Jamaican and Caribbean content to the world," Twain Richardson, co-founder of Frame of Reference and CEO of Vueture Entertainment, told The Gleaner.

Vueture will start with over 70 hours of content, including 'Mission Catwalk', 'The Innovators, College Lifestyle' and plays by Basil Dawkins. "As we progress, we will add content from our Caribbean neighbours. We are also in the process of developing our own original content," Richardson said.


New Technologies


Basil Dawkins sees Vueture as an opportunity to engage in the entertainment business on a macro level. He believes Richardson presents prospects that could widen the island's entertainment reach and so will contribute what he can to the platform. "I'm fairly established, so where I can assist, I am willing. I will collaborate with anyone with a workable proposal. I will risk my own work to get them off the ground. Someone did that for me many years ago, and that's why I'm here now," the veteran playwright said.

Dawkins has agreed to work with Richardson - even though Vueture takes the plays out of the playhouse. "There comes a time when you must embrace the new technologies," he said.

Vueture will participate in Dawkin's newest production called Maas Mat Comes To Town, opening on December 27 at The Little Little Theatre. "We're going to move gently and see what happens. Hopefully, we don't make any mistakes - and then other people can get involved. If they have patience, something will happen. I will work with them and help usher them through the rough as they launch," Dawkins vowed.


Live Events


According to Richardson, the idea started over 10 years ago. "My team and I created an app called Ravin, that was supposed to feature parties that people can watch on their mobile phones." However, a sojourn through the international film festival circuit in 2017, triggered the thought - to turn Ravin into a distribution platform for Caribbean content.

As the new idea takes life, the original one has not been lost. Vueture will also stream live events. "Our culture has an influence on the world. As a result, we plan on giving the ultimate experience - inclusive of live performances and streaming. People who want to be at Reggae Sumfest, for example, will have the opportu-nity to subscribe and watch," Richardson said.