Tue | Oct 22, 2019

Abijah returns home

Published:Wednesday | January 23, 2019 | 12:16 AMKimberely Small/Gleaner Writer
Abijah performing at Rebel Salute on Saturday night.

Following his energetic cameo performance at Rebel Salute with his brother-in-law, King Yellowman, and niece,  K’reema, singer Abijah told The Gleaner that he is ready to satisfy his waiting fans. 

“I’ve been in the studio working same way. I know a lot of people in Jamaica have been asking what’s new for Abijah. I’m not only recording my new album, I’m also producing. I’ve been working with other artistes overseas – and in the Caribbean and Jamaica,” he said.

In 2003, Abijah made his mark on the reggae music scene upon releasing the hit song Revelation. Since its release, the singer has enjoyed worldwide bookings and speaking engagements. But there has been radio silence regarding new music. That’s because in recent times, Abijah has split his time between home and overseas – which has made him seem absent.

The artiste was reintroduced to Jamaicans by King Yellowman’s daughter, K’reema. Having been called on stage by her father, the Strong Me Strong deejay called forth long-beloved reggae singer Abijah.

“I’m here now. I’ve been back and forth, doing my thing – trying to keep my head above water; looking out for my family, and trying to make positive music for the fans and people who long to hear from me,” he said.

Abijah’s upcoming album is called The Roots Man. That, too, will be a family affair as two tracks are collaborations with Yellowman. The brothers-in-law have worked together in the past – in 2010 on a song called Leave Iraq Alone, which Abijah reports was well-received internationally.

“You know, in Jamaica, sometimes you don’t hear things here. It doesn’t mean that nothing ah gwan. But nuff tings out deh inna di pipeline,” he affirmed.