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Kenyatta Hill still waiting to ‘perform’ at Rebel Salute

Published:Wednesday | January 23, 2019 | 12:16 AMYasmine Peru/Gleaner Writer
Kenyatta Hill

Reggae singer Kenyatta Hill is hoping that his third time on a Rebel Salute stage will be the charm. Despite making two appearances, Hill is yet to get an opportunity to showcase his vocal range at the annual reggae festival.

Last year, the artiste performed at the festival, but it rained during his segment. And although he still took the mic and entered the stage, his stint was nothing but a rain-drenched appearance. Show promoter Tony Rebel promised that he would make it up to him.

This year, Hill was handed the task of closing Rebel Salute. However, fate played a trick on Hill again.

With the show running behind schedule, his designated 7 a.m. closing time stretched in to well past 9 a.m., and with the police pressuring the promoter, and other artistes determined to complete their sets, Hill didn’t get to sing even one line.

But, the son of Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill isn’t mad, he isn’t ranting, and he isn’t crying. Hill, like many other artistes, had been using social media to promote his performance at the festival and was present at the venue from midnight to support his colleagues and enjoy the Rebel Salute vibe.

In an interview with The Gleaner yesterday, Hill said that he had been planning to perform some songs from his father’s catalogue, as well as a few of his own singles, and while he was disappointed, he pointed out that just being on the Rebel Salute poster with so many stars was an honour.

“Everybody is asking me how I’m feeling, but I am really okay. I understand that these things happen. Of course, it’s an honour to perform on Rebel Salute, and I would have been happy with singing even one song, but that was not meant to be. Tony Rebel came and apologised and said that wasn’t the way he had planned for the show to end. But, you know, man a plan, and God a wipe out. We even managed to have a laugh at the situation,” Hill said calmly.

Meanwhile, yesterday would have been the 70th birthday of his father, who was the lead singer and songwriter for the roots reggae group, Culture, most famous for their 1977 hit,Two Sevens Clash. The group was also well known for itsInternational Herb single.

Joseph Hill passed away after collapsing following a performance in Berlin, Germany, on August 19, 2006.

Hill said that he celebrated his father’s birthday by going through some of his old photos and reminiscing. He recalled one piece of advice that his father gave him that has stayed with him for life. It goes something like this: “My son, whenever you speak to people, let your yeas be your yeas and your nays be your nays.”