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T’Jean, a thief in the night who does not fit in

Published:Tuesday | March 26, 2019 | 12:05 AMSade Gardner/Gleaner Writer

Thief in the Night, the upcoming debut album from producer-turned-artiste T’Jean, speaks volumes to his musical journey and mission. Widely known as a producer affiliated with Grafton Studios, UIM Records and his own label, Izreal Records, T’Jean experienced what he described as a “different vibration” two years ago. This led him to transition into a recording career with a mission to replace a message that he said is lost in reggae music – righteousness.

He does this through scripture-inspired lyrics, which he said will permeate the album.

“The album name carries a double meaning because Christ said He shall come like a thief in the night, and also, people never expect me, a producer for so many years, to ‘come out of the darkness’ and be a singer,” T’Jean told The Gleaner.

The set is slated for release sometime this year and will be produced by his record label. T’Jean is also working on another body of work with UIM’s Andrew ‘Anju Blaxx’ Myrie and a project with long-time collaborator, Jamar ‘Sonovic’ Roberts. He also has a collaboration with Chronic Law ( Energy) that is expected to drop in April. His catalogue includes militant numbers like Get Wid It, Rainbow Covenant, Prayer and Dry Bones. Despite his advocacy for salvation for mankind, T’Jean said his music is an oddity on the Jamaican music scene.

“I don’t think the industry knows how fi accommodate me or where to put me. Which part dem ago juggle my music? Where me a go go inna the media? Me nuh fit in,” he said.

But he also does not mind, as he explained that someone has to lead the pack.

“Just like in slavery you had that one slave weh decide seh him nah go tek the beating today and him jump the wall then two slaves followed after that, me realise a lot of people are cowards and a wait fi somebody fi lead so they know what route to follow. Not everybody will tek on to the word, but they will never be able to say dem never hear it,” he continued.

He admitted that his militant style has rubbed many the wrong way, noting, “Some people think me too aggressive, but if a person feels offended by it, then him haffi go check himself cause I don’t sing nutten off my own. Is the sin and not the singer you have a problem with.”