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Israel Houghton excited about elevated worship

Published:Saturday | September 7, 2019 | 12:10 AM

On September 20, Transformed Life Church (TLC), in partnership with Best Dressed Chicken, will premiere the Elevate Worship Experience at the Jamaica College auditorium, where international gospel artiste Israel Houghton and his band, New Breed, will take to the stage to bring pure music and high energy to hundreds of Jamaicans.

“I am so excited to be coming back to Kingston, Jamaica, for this night of elevated worship! This time, I’m bringing my whole crew, and we’re looking forward to having a great time in God’s presence in this special place. We know that God has something amazing in store!” stated Houghton.


The highly anticipated evening of worship will also feature performances from Jamaican gospel group, TLC Lifesong, the worship collective from Transformed Life Church, as well as Sterling Gospel awardees Levy’s Heritage, the trio children of minister Lubert Levy.

“The Elevate Worship Experience is more than a one-day event; it’s part of a larger movement to transform the way we worship our Creator. At TLC, we believe that worship draws us closer to God, as we honour Him, and closer to each other. We are passionate about creating the environment that allows for authentic and transformative worship for everyone to enjoy,” stated senior pastor and Founder of TLC Dwight Fletcher.

Fletcher encourages all music lovers to join the experience on September 20 for a life-changing encounter with God in the midst of artistic expressions of song, dance, art, and more.