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Tony Rebel wants investigative pieces from journalists

Published:Tuesday | September 17, 2019 | 12:07 AMStephanie Lyew/ - Gleaner Writer
Members of the Eastern Rangers marching band leading the march to St William Grant Park as part of The Gleaner’s 185th anniversary celebrations last Friday.
Tony Rebel performs at The Gleaner’s 185th birthday celebration held at St William Grant Park in Kingston last Friday.

Just as the farewell address at any gathering is a last chance to influence and inspire, the message an entertainer leaves with his audience is just as important as the lyrics of the music, says Tony Rebel.

The veteran artiste closed the show at The Gleaner’s, 185th anniversary road show, held at the William Grant Park, downtown Kingston, last Friday. The reggae entertainer expressed the desire for more investigative pieces to be written by journalists.

“I think what they need to do is investigate, dig deeper, because there are certain issues around that the public looks forward to the media groups to provide us with the information,” Tony Rebel said in an interview with The Gleaner.

Living in the age of information and technology, he added, “I understand we have to be careful because everybody has access to a phone now, so people get a lot from social media, but the media houses, print media in general, still serves a real purpose,” Rebel added.


The reggae entertainer said that the print media was central in giving him publicity after he won a deejay contest in Manchester in 1983, and again in 1984.

“I remember walking up and down with the copy of that newspaper – it was The STAR, actually – for days,” he said. “I rate the publications, especially The Gleaner. You find the people within the diaspora look to it to keep in tune with what is going on back home, and will call and say Tony, yuh nuh read this or that …we know it’s importance.”

Rebel said believes The Gleaner can be around for another century.

“Just revisit the methods that were used to give the organisation it’s longevity, try all, if not most, and check out new horizons as well. It can certainly live to 285 years or more,” the Fresh Vegetable singer said.