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Stitchie produces a ‘Masterclass’

Published:Tuesday | October 8, 2019 | 12:26 AM

After a brief, meaningful spiritual hiatus from the limelight, and in the pursuit of bridging secular and gospel music, the prolific artiste Lt Stitchie has released his 22nd album.

Stitchie said that the project, Masterclass, which is co-produced by Gramps Morgan, is destined to become a classic that will stand the test of time.

“As it is my 22nd album, it’s my best work ever, plus the collaboration of the team of Gramps, Manudigital, and yours truly, that meticulously put this album together, are all masters in our fields,” Stitchie said.

The 17 tracks feature collaborations with Agent Sasco, Lukie D, Ricky Stereo, Million Stylez and Fantan Mojah. Each artistes contributes their original style while complementing Stitchie’s distinctive vocal delivery.

“The overall feel of Masterclass is the expression of the authentic sound of dancehall music lyrically, spiritually, musically, with the actual rhythms and beats, and the variation of the different tempo with each of the artistes perfectly flatters it,” Stitchie said.

“The name of the album is Masterclass because I am always in the Master’s class learning and seeking His wisdom. Also, as a teacher of biology and physical education, even though I no longer function in the formal school settings as a form teacher, the globe has become my classroom to share lessons of life’s experience through my music, with the intention of enhancing the lives of others by sharing a message of love, peace and righteousness,” Stitchie said.