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What we need is Unity - Ailing Maranto wants song to inspire unity in country like Bob Marley’s ‘One Love’

Published:Tuesday | October 8, 2019 | 12:16 AMMarcia Rowe/Gleaner Writer
Maranto, whose given name is Mark Bradford, says he has been through the fire.
Alaine performing at Maranto’s concert.
Jodian Pantry
HUMBLE in performance

“I have been through the fire,” vocalist Maranto declared as he took to the stage to close a concert held in his honour at the Jamaica College Auditorium in Kingston on Sunday.

It was a powerful yet sombre statement considering the fact that Maranto is fighting a health battle. His kidneys and heart are not functioning at optimal levels, and he is losing his sight. Yet the Jamaican vocalist Maranto, whose given name is Mark Bradford, has not lost faith in God.

Since he was diagnosed with diabetes at 12, Maranto’s organs have been degenerating, but this was not shown outwardly. But after he lost his father in 2014, stressed took its toll on the singer, and his body started to break down.

Triumphant return

Sunday’s concert was held to mark his triumphant return. It was dubbed ’ With Faith, Love and Unity: The Return of Maranto’. The concert also served as a kind of a fundraiser for Maranto, who is set to to have kidney transplant surgery in the United States.

His once afflicted heart, liver, spleen and skin have been healed. He is still visually impaired, but his voice remains smooth and powerful.

“The only way Jamaica, land we love, can have unity is by having faith in God. The only way we can experience real love, true love, lasting love, is by sharing in the love of God. The only way we can experience true unity is by experiencing the love of God. In every way, God can unite us. The way to re-establish unity in Jamaica is to go back to faith, love and unity in our lives,” Maranto declared.

During his time on stage, Maranto, a former member of C-Sharp, performed songs such as It is Done and What We Need is Unity.

“This is the song I want to inspire unity in the country. Bob Marley did it with One Love, and I am sure we can do it again with this song,” he said.

Maranto has been a Christian since he was eight years old, and all the songs he performed at the show were original.The inspiring show also saw great performances from ASHE and HUMBLE, as well as Dale, Jodi Pantry, Chevaughn and Alaine. The backing band was Phuzzion.

Alaine said that she met Maranto through music. “When I heard his voice, I was blown away. He sang with me in a few shows abroad”.

“We have so much to be thankful for, and his life is a testimony of that. I give thanks in advance for God to completely heal him. In the meantime, anything I can do to help, I am there,” Alaine said.