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Moonlight party to feature NYC celebrity chef

Published:Wednesday | October 16, 2019 | 1:41 AMAnthony Turner/Gleaner Writer


At Buju Banton’s historic Long Walk To Freedom official after-party in March, New York Chef Omar Walters of Omar’s Kitchen, was flown to Jamaica to fête celebrities and fans attending the shindig at Liguanea Club in St Andrew.

Later this week, Walters will trek to Jamaica once again, this time for the Great Weekend Jamaica, in Ocho Rios, St Ann. Six exhilarating events are scheduled to unfold across three days – Friday, October 18 to Monday, October 21. The Moonlight Brunch, at which Walter’s culinary skills will be on display, is a New York-themed, fashion-focused, dinner party that will feature exotic foods and craft cocktails.

“With events, I usually come up with a special menu close to the day and customise it to the event. That’s when my creativity and skills kick in. The Moonlight Brunch in Jamaica is a special event for me, so I plan to create an experience that will be out of this world!” Walters promised.

He revealed that he has been involved with a number of innovative party and food combo events in the New York area, so this event is right up his street.

“We try to incorporate events for foodies as well as party seekers and combine them. We have a signature brunch called ‘Drunk at Breakfast,’ where we incorporate alcohol-infused foods paired with drinks. The brunch then leads into a day party so you can dance off the carbs! We are looking to take our events on a city-to-city tour someday,” he said

Walters, who lives in Yonkers, New York, was born in the USA to parents Maxine Greaves and Paul Walters. He moved to Mandeville at age seven and stayed there until he was 11. He says the values instilled in him by his parents and grandparents have laid the foundation for his current success.

“My parents are both Jamaicans. Growing up, they instilled in me that you have to work hard to achieve success. My grandmother, especially, would say, you can go play outside, but first you have to pick up the garbage that people would throw on the floor in front of the house. As a kid, I would never understand why I had to do such a task, but as I got older I understood”, he shared.

Since becoming a full-time chef, the former system and data analyst has been in high demand from celebrity clients, including R&B superstar Monica, Brandy, Kyle Lowry, Angela Simmons, Karen Civil and Ty Hunter.

“I really don’t consider myself a celebrity chef. I feel that once you start labelling yourself that way and you put yourself on a pedestal, you put a strain on your drive,” he told The Gleaner.