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Time is of the essence at Rebel Salute 2020 - Flourgon says come out to hear him

Published:Saturday | January 11, 2020 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Staff Reporter
Flourgon in rehearsal for Rebel Salute 2020.
Flourgon in rehearsal for Rebel Salute 2020.
Hopeton James rehearsing for his set on Rebel Salute 2020.

In effort to send their patrons home a little earlier than they’re accustomed to, Rebel Salute organisers are imposing strict time slots for some performers, as short as 15 minutes. As some revel in their moment in the spotlight, and sometimes commandeer the stage for a few moments longer than they are allowed, there are actually others who are grateful for being able to spend just a moment with the audience.

The Gleaner caught a moment with performers Lone Ranger and Hopeton James during a visit to a Rebel Salute rehearsal recently – and as Lone Ranger figured out how to squeeze more songs into his set, James was grateful for the short and sweet time allotment.

“People who perform and act in front of camera and all dem sumn deh, mi respect dem to di bone. Mi nuh like see camera. I wish it neva did mek!” James said. Even though his vocals defy age, still trembling in pleasurable pitch to warmly cover crowds and raise goose bumps, the naturally shy veteran singer is just there to get the job done.

Naturally bashful, James shared that shyness follows him right up to the steps to enter the stage. “Then mi haffi seh, ‘shyness, hold off nuh man. Just gimme five minutes.’ Because with the momentum of the stage, shyness nuh have nuh space fi come in dere so. But talking …,” James laughed. “Silence and shyness have a space deh now.”

As a result, he is grateful for his 15-minute slot. “I like to perform nice, and people appreciate it, but me dying fi come off.”

On the other end of the spectrum is Lone Ranger. Normally, 15 minutes would cover about three songs for him. But inclined to perform as much as possible, Lone Ranger’s response is to prepare a medley. “I rehearsed five tunes, five of mi classics weh dem know. We going fix it, medley it, and keep the segment nice,” he told The Gleaner.

Headline-making dancehall artiste Flourgon was also on the scene, but understandably reserved following the recent news of the settlement of a US$300 million lawsuit between his legal team and Miley Cyrus (Sony Music Group).

Flourgon did spare a minute to share that he is in really good spirits, and everybody should come out to Rebel Salute, to hear what he has to say.

Perhaps that’s how his time will be used.

Otherwise, “no comment”.