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Mistakes gave Popcaan reality check - Entertainer says he now assesses life on a higher level

Entertainer says he now assesses life on a higher level

Published:Wednesday | February 12, 2020 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle

He may have dubbed himself the Unruly Boss, but front-running dancehall artiste Popcaan has a mindset these days that is the complete opposite. In a recent television interview, the entertainer revealed that, having made mistakes early on in his career, he’s reached a certain level of maturity that has caused him to think higher thoughts.

“I made a lot of mistakes while I was on my journey. Like when me get lock up a certain place and dem thing deh, me feel like it did fi happen because probably if dem thing deh never happen to me, it wouldn’t gimme dem reality check deh weh me get,” he said.

“If me call one a me friend dem and tell dem say me a go one party tonight, dem woulda say a lie me a tell and memba a me say raving king, a me say party. But life put me pan a different heights and me see say life is not just all about party every day. Me rather fi stay home and work (and cook, definitely).”

Admitting that he never cared too much about being a role model, the entertainer expressed that after seeing how much influence he has on young people, he now looks at things differently. “Yuh know a me name hot skull so me never really business ‘bout weh me do.


Me never even did a realise the power weh me have, me never even see say a so much people me inspire and a so much people look up to me,” he said. “When me start travel and see dem thing deh, is like me start pree life different and a say, ‘Yuh know say everything weh me do, the whole a dem people yah a go pree me pan a different level’, so is like me choose di thing dem weh me do and even the lyrics dem weh me sing because the words are very powerful.

“Even me owna fren dem, if me do supmn dem ready fi dweet to, so das why more time even out inna the public, people try fi test me and me affi know how fi go ‘bout the situation because a me name Popcaan,” he continued.

The entertainer, who recently established his own musical camp, said he now wants to help renew the minds of other ‘ghetto yutes’. He believes that if more yutes were afforded the opportunity to experience life outside of Jamaica, it would motivate them to elevate themselves.