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Fetedayz iRadio plays a response to coronavirus lockdown

Published:Tuesday | March 24, 2020 | 12:05 AMYasmine Peru/Senior Gleaner Writer
Lenford ‘Squeeze’ Samuels
Lenford ‘Squeeze’ Samuels

WHEN THE Government announced its 14-day ban on entertainment events islandwide, one of the events which fell by the wayside was the March 21 staging of the ‘Mandeville on Fire’ edition of the party, Fetedayz. Promoter Lenford ‘Squeeze’ Samuels posted on social media that “Fetedayz, in its capacity as responsible party promoters and concerned citizens, who will always put our loyal patrons, friends, family and service providers first, had decided to postpone the event.”

During the interim, however, Squeeze, the president of the Jamaica Association of Professional DJs, Promoters & Sound System Owners (JAPPS) and his team have been locked in discussions about the way forward. “Although the parties and the dances and clubs are on lockdown, we had to find a way to ensure that the music remain free,” DJ Squeeze told The Gleaner. He added that since it was not safe to have public gatherings, that meant that selectors would be displaced; however, their fan base, now stuck at home, would still need entertainment.

One solution to the problem is Fetedayz iRadio, a 24-hour global live radio-streaming platform. It had its official launch on Friday, March 20, at 8 a.m.

Creating party experience

“FeteDayz wanted to create a 24-hour musical platform that would provide such musical delights that it would take our patrons’ minds off all the negatives surrounding the coronavirus. The aim is to create a party within your self-confinement. We have been forced to self-quarantine and work from home because of COVID-19, so why not do it to great music and recreate the feel-good memories of those great high-school fete and club days,” he said.

Elaborating, Squeeze, who is also known as one of the best ‘old-skool’ deejays around, stated that the retroactive-music online radio station, as well as the Fetedayz series, is dedicated to playing good, wholesome music from the ‘70s,’80s and ’90s by authentic deejays who lived and experienced those eras.

“The format is no long chatting, no ‘haul and pull up’ and having more than two lines of a song,” he said, in a subtle reference to the format used by many of the current crop of selectors.

Fetedayz iRadio deejays who have been bestowed with the task to take Fetedayz’s 11,000-plus listeners on a musical high are, from Jamaica: DJ Squeeze, PeaceMaker/Skyy Disco; Colin ‘DJ Judge’ Hawthorne, from Spinners Disco; Dwight Gray, Music Merchant; DJ Senor Daley, Klassique Disco; Marshy ‘DJ Marshy’ Redwood; Raymond Daley, Aries Disco; Mark ‘Deejay Rammo’ Ramsay from club Mirage fame’ and Zachary ‘DJ Zachary’ Harding. Representing both Canada and Jamaica are Archie ‘DJ Archie’ Archambeau and Omar ‘DJ Omar C’ Chin from Sparkles; flying the flag for the United Kingdom and Jamaica are Andrew ‘DJ Drew’ Henry, Rengade Disco and Micheal ‘DJ Wondamik’ McKenzie. Peter Martin, Spinners DJs MIA/Fort Lauderdale; DJ Baby Q – NYC.

“Everything can be postponed or cancelled except music and the feel-good attributes that come with it,” said DJ Squeeze who recently received an Icon and Pioneers Award from the Ministry of Entertainment and Culture for his contribution to the music industry locally and globally.