Mon | May 25, 2020

Miranda Lambert has COVID-19 anxiety - Doing at-home country music special

Published:Monday | March 30, 2020 | 12:09 AM
Country music stars, from top, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.
Country music stars, from top, Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood.

Miranda Lambert is suffering with anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The 36-year-old country music singer admitted she has been worrying about “the state of the world” as many countries go into lockdown to deal with the spread of the virus but said she is finding peace in spending time at home on her farm with husband Brendan McLoughlin.

She wrote on Instagram: “I haven’t really known what to say on social media during all this. I’m not great at socials anyway and a time like this makes it that much more difficult for me to figure out how to be. Tuesday of this week is when I finally realised I could unpack. For the next few months for me there are no shows, no sound checks, no bus calls, no flights. Just home. Once I processed it, I actually got a feeling of peace even though , like all of us, my anxiety about the state of the world right now is still through the roof.

Writing new music

Lambert also revealed that she is writing new music, explaining: “I have written a few songs for the first time in a year. And text writing a cowgirl song with @ronniedunn (such a fan girl of B&D).”

However, she admitted that she is missing her family and friends.

She wrote: “We miss our road family, New York family and I dang sure miss my Texas fam. My soul sister @apes_1983 just had her first baby yesterday, baby Finn, and we only get to see him through a screen for now. I wish I was there in person. Soon enough good Lord willing. But in happy news, this box arrived today and I felt my heart jump. Some wine from @red55winery, freshly canned salsa, apple butter, Paw Paws bbq sauce, and a note on napkin. ‘Sending love from home. love mom and dad (be safe).’ I do feel safe now knowing that even though they are over 600 miles away I’m connected to all of them. Sending light to all the first responders and health care workers. Stay home. Call home (sic).”

Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood are among 23 performers who will be featured in “ACM Presents: Our Country,” an at-home country music special that is airing on CBS on April 5, in lieu of their delayed Academy of Country Music awards show.