Tue | Dec 1, 2020

Don Andre encourages dads with ‘Responsibility’

Published:Sunday | June 21, 2020 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle - Staff Reporter
Don Andre and children La’Shaun, Cavarlli and Giovanni.
Don Andre
Don Andre and son.

UK based dancehall artiste Don Andre has released a brand new track titled Responsibility and, to say the message is timely, would be an understatement. Arriving just in time for Father’s Day, the single urges men to do everything in their power to see to the well-being of their children. The entertainer told The Sunday Gleaner that although the song was never intended to be a Father’s Day project, he is happy the track was released in this time frame to help put things into perspective for men who are not living up to their responsibilities.

“The main inspiration behind this song is my kids. I’m simply making it known that I’m willing to do whatever it takes for their well being. Plus, I want my sons to grow up with the word ‘responsibility’ embedded in them. I want them to remember all the sacrifices daddy made just to make sure they were all right and that he lived up to his responsibilities and it wasn’t all on mommy so that when they become parents they will do the same,” he said. “I had to man up to my responsibilities from a very young age and I don’t have any regrets. I never had a relationship with my father and so I made it my point of duty to have one with my kids and I want every man out there who have fathered children to do the same.”

“For me everyday is Father’s day. From I became a father in January 2011, I been at it everyday since; no days off, no holidays. This wasn’t intended to be a Father’s day project, just a project to acknowledge all the real fathers out there doing their part and playing their role. Not the sperm donors,” he continued.

The deejay says he feels they aren’t enough tracks dedicated to men who are exceptional fathers and believes their contribution deserves as much acknowledgement as that of mothers. “The good fathers should be praised just as much as the good mothers because at the end of the day having father figures within the homes provide a source of guidance for the children and stabilises their world in a way that is unexplainable,” he said. “These children did not ask to be here so it’s our responsibility (mother and father) to make sure that they get the best loving and care.”

With that said, Don Andre revealed that although the song’s message is positive and should be well supported, he has no expectations of the track. The reason for this he said is very simple, positive messages rarely get the support they need. “I don’t have any expectations for this project because things like these you don’t normally get a lot of highlight or co-signs but if I was to sing about bigging up all di man dem who scam and thing it would be on of if not the number one song in dancehall,” he said. “People tend to not like what’s beneficial to them. I just hope that this song will bring forth change in whoever comes across it and so I have more hope than expectations.”