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Minister Hall speaks God, Missy Elliott and healing in her hands - Celebrates birthday today

Published:Sunday | July 12, 2020 | 12:00 AMYasmine Peru - Senior Sunday Gleaner Writer
Minister Marion Hall
Missy Elliot
Minister Marion Hall
Minister Marion Hall

Minister Marion Hall hit the headlines last week when her friend and former collaborator, rap legend Missy Elliott, endorsed one of her songs, Tun Back Christians. An obviously excited Missy retweeted a clip from Hall’s performance at a recent edition of the Digicel Unplugged series of concerts. She captioned it, “Okaaaaay. Yes. Come through Minister Marion Hall give us the word!!!!” The reactions were immediate. And they varied from disbelief that the once raunchy Lady Saw had gone gospel to kudos on her performance and showers of appreciation for the blazing-hot dancehall gospel tune. But there was also quite a bit of hate.

For Minister Hall, who, incidentally, is celebrating her birthday today, there was a divine purpose in Missy Elliott’s tweet. “Missy’s loyalty is way up. Notice, she referred to me as Minister Hall and not Lady Saw. Missy loves Marion, and for Missy to acknowledge that song is a good thing. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and because of Missy’s tweet, there are some persons who will be led to listen to that song and others on the same album, His Grace, and say, ‘I want to know her God’,” Minister Hall told The Sunday Gleaner. She pointed out that on that same 2018 album, she has a song in which she calls Missy Elliott’s name.


Minister Hall said that it was a friend who sent her the link and shared that when she read the negative comments, she wondered why people didn’t take the time to read the Bible. “Don’t they know about Saul, who was changed to Paul, [and] the woman at the well who had several ‘husbands’ and received forgiveness? Jesus didn’t come for the righteous, he came to call sinners to repentance, so for those who were saying that I couldn’t preach to them, they need to know that without a test, you don’t have a testimony,” the pastor of the Holy Ghost Pentecostal Church of Jesus Christ said.

The full-time minister says she will be in church today preaching on Facebook Live as she has been doing every Sunday, as well as on Wednesday evenings. In fact, she has been so caught up in her church work and ensuring that she has all the right elements in place for her service today that she didn’t even remember that today is her special day. “I’m on my way to get a pulpit to borrow from my friend, Pastor Ann Robinson, because I am up here (Florida) this week, but my church service will still be streamed, starting at 11 a.m. My topic is ‘The God I Know’. Some people don’t know Him in the way I know Him,” Hall told The Sunday Gleaner last Friday.

Always enthusiastic about her committed relationship with God, she spoke earnestly of how she experienced the anointing one day at her home, in her closet, and not in church. “When ah speak in tongues that day, ah don’t know how ah never bite mi tongue. When ah open my mouth, demons recognise it. When you have a cutting-edge anointing, the devil will assign demons to you, and they come in all forms. You have to ask God for a discerning spirit, and sometimes he has to take me beyond the noise,” she said.

Minister Hall, who says she was instructed by God to set up her own church and even given the exact name for the edifice, also disclosed that she has been given the gift of healing. “I have been laying hands on people, and they get healed. God has connected me to children in a special way, and I pray them out of intensive care. There was a lady with a sick baby who came to me, and I didn’t know until afterwards that it was God who had sent her to me. I have fire in my hands, and when I place them, people are healed, even through the streaming,” Minister Hall told The Sunday Gleaner of her special gift.

She compared the intensity of her former life to that of her four-and-a-half-year walk with God. “Just like how mi did go hard in the dancehall, it’s the same way I am going hard in my Christian life. I love Him so much because I have tried everything else – weed, fame, friends, man – and none of them could satisfy. Just like how Beyoncé madly in love with her man, I am madly in love with Jesus.”