Sat | Aug 8, 2020

‘Simple Things’ a yuh blessings - If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we should appreciate the little things — Tarrus Riley

Published:Sunday | August 2, 2020 | 12:00 AMShereita Grizzle - Staff Reporter
Tarrus Riley performing at Reggae Sumfest.
Tarrus Riley

“You spend all that money on your watch, how much time yuh spend with your son? So much money in the club, how much yuh spend with the ones you love? Simple things a yuh blessings, yuh betta notice yuh blessings.” When Tarrus Riley released that track some three years ago, he had one goal in mind, and that was to get the world to pay more attention to the little things they often took for granted. With COVID-19 having caused many to press pause on their travel and entertainment plans, ‘Mr Singy Singy’ says that many are just now beginning to realise that simple things, such as spending quality time with one’s family, are truly a blessing.

In a recent interview with The Sunday Gleaner, the entertainer explained that when he wrote the Simple Things track, he knew it would be something special. He said there was something about the message that told him it would be one of those songs that time could not make irrelevant. “Not to brag, or anything, but the message in that song made me confident it would be relevant years from now. People had become so blinded by all the activities taking place around them that many had forgotten to enjoy the things right in front of them, things they don’t have to pay for. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that we should appreciate the little things because they are indeed our biggest blessings. You know how many families got the time to reconnect during this pandemic?” he asked rhetorically. “Everybody is isolated and quarantined. There are no parties, no stage shows, no travelling. Just time to spend enjoying each other’s presence. Then there are those isolated from their loved ones who can’t wait to be reunited. They’ve experienced what it’s like to truly miss each other and will learn to cherish the moments they spend when they get together again.”

“And let’s not forget people who have lost friends and family to this virus who are wishing they could get back just a moment to embrace them and tell them how much they love them. We got to see that the things we used to take for granted are the most important,” he continued.

The entertainer went on to say that although he strives for versatility as an artiste, he prides himself in creating music that will connect with people. Tarrus Riley says that once people resonate with the content he puts out, he knows there’s no limit to its potential. “When you sing songs with messages like that, they don’t fade away. That is why I am very particular in what I sing. Of course, I make all type of music because I make fun songs, too, but there are certain songs, like Simple Blessings, Lion Paw, Shaka Zulu Pickney, and Healing, that you know will resonate. Those songs won’t go anywhere,” he said. “You know a track carries weight around the world when an international artiste does a cover of it. Recently, Tory Lanez and another bredren name Rema sang over the song, and yuh don’t normally hear a Jamaican artiste song being covered by foreign people. A we always a cover dem song, so that just kinda confirm to me that the message was definitely something strong. We give thanks for the people’s support. Big up Chimney Records and mi bredda Konshens because this track is one that will never fade away. In today’s world, especially, we see more and more how important it is to give thanks for life and take note of our blessings.”