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N3Z is a proud member of the 6ixx brotherhood

Published:Sunday | August 16, 2020 | 12:00 AM
T’Nez ready to show off musical maturity as N3Z.

Recording artiste N3Z, formerly known as T’Nez, has vowed to take his music career to the next level. In an interview with The Gleaner, the Me She Love singer revealed that, not only has he changed his name and repurposed his brand to fit a newer, more mature version of himself, but he is also now an official member of the dancehall group, the 6ixx. But with the group which consists of members such as Squash, Daddy 1, Chronic Law and Bobby 6ixx having earned the reputation for being rough and hardcore and a stigma for being involved in criminal activities, N3Z, its newest member, wants Jamaica to know that things are usually not as they seem.

“Dancehall is not a soft place, not a soft atmosphere and so yuh affi adapt and apply yuhself accordingly. So if it rough, yuh affi be rough, but that’s just who you are in dancehall. Who you are in real life is different and who the members of the 6ixx are in real life is not what most people think,” N3Z said. “Dis image weh people feel like say ‘yow a baay roughness and ruggedness come out a di 6ixx’, when you go in the camp and see how everybody really move, it will change your perspective. It’s a brotherhood in the 6ixx camp.”


N3Z said, since he has been a part of the unit, he feels like he has been adopted into a musical family where everybody works in the best interests of all its members, because if one person wins, the entire group wins. “I was having a serious conversation with Squash one day where he basically broke down the 6ixx movement for me. Him say is a family thing and if I come on board it woulda be good for not just myself but everybody. When I saw how bad everyone wanted each other to rise to the top and be successful, how much they motivated and supported each other, it was never difficult for me at the end of the day to make the decision to join wid dem,” he said. “When mi see wah di movement is all about, mi say mi like the vibe because each one was pushing the other and we need that in music. I loved that movement and the vibe of togetherness that I got, because yuh nuh really find that much inna this industry. When so much artiste come together in one accord and everybody a push for everybody to win, they are a force. And is not just the artiste dem weh inna 6ixx, because a so di producers dem move too.”

N3Z who is currently promoting his new single, Through the Pain, says his 6ixx partnership couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. “Prior to me linking up with the 6ixx, I was working on quite a few projects, because I’ve been on the relaunch journey since 2018. The 6ixx thing just come around right at the opportune time, because I want to get these projects out there. We just dropped Through The Pain and we have been getting some tremendous feedback from that. We have Under Pressure to drop as well as Feelings and a lot more,” he said. “Before now, I wanted the perfect team to side with to get these projects out and ensure they were as successful as possible, and now I have found that. It’s going to be great things in the pipeline from N3Z.”