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Teflon ready to release ‘Years a Pain’ album

Published:Saturday | October 3, 2020 | 12:08 AM
Reggae artiste, Teflon.
Reggae artiste, Teflon.

Reggae artiste Teflon Young King is enthusiastic about the feedback to his latest single, Think Before You Talk, which also features the talented reggae star I Wayne.

Teflon explained that he was inspired to do the collaboration with I Wayne because of the ‘energy’ generated in the rhythm track.

“I was in Florida and I was holding a vibes to the rhythm and mi start hear Fire Wayne vocals on the riddim. So I called him and he was in California and I sent him the track and, by the next morning, he called me and he made it happen. The message is powerful, the people ah feel it. Many are called, only few are chosen, we have to sing these songs, we are fighting for the souls of the people,” Teflon Young King said.

His ‘magnus opus’

The single is the lead track from his soon-to-be-released 19-track album, Years a Pain, which he is touting as his magnus opus. Teflon explains that it is his best project to date, owing to the high production quality, crystal-clear vocals and the great mix of songs.

“This album ah the real ting, every song can listen to from start to finish. I have uplifting songs for the youths, girl songs, happy songs, and songs of anguish that reflect the title of the album. I wanted a great mix and we have achieved that. It can get Grammy consideration, no doubt,” he said.

Some of the stand-out singles that dancehall insiders have been raving about include Emotions, Ready Man Ready, Brimstone and Fast Food. He will be shooting a series of videos for each single.

Teflon said the overarching theme for the album is youth empowerment.

“The purpose of the project is empowerment. We have to reach out to the youths because we have to try to change their mindset. The elders are already set in their ways, their minds are made up, but the youths need motivation, and we have to guide them,” he said.

“We have to show the youths dem how to move and achieve their goals. The youths need mentors so we utilise music to inspire them ‘cause we can’t make Babylon lead them to destruction,” Teflon added.

Teflon, whose given name is Shaniel Watson, emerged on the scene in 2003. He scored his first hit two years later with Gun Rise. His debut album, Motherless Child, was released in February 2009. The self-styled Unruly Bobo released Young King the Beginning, which charted well in The Netherlands where it peaked at number five on the reggae album chart.

In 2018, Teflon released an EP called So Determine. The nine-track project features production work from Yard A Love Records, DJ Wayne and ZJ Ice. In 2019, he also released a mixtape dubbed Acknowledge Me or Don’t, which features hip-hop-influenced tracks.

The singjay says Years a Pain is “the embodiment of the struggle of poor people for self-empowerment and self-discovery and financial and spiritual independence. We ah go through years a pain, just look at the events of 2020 alone and see for yourself,” he said.