Wed | Nov 25, 2020

Koffee’s mom happy to join her on Mastercard ad campaign

Published:Thursday | November 19, 2020 | 12:11 AM
Jo-Anne Williams (left), joined her daughter, Koffee, in the Mastercard ad campaign.
Jo-Anne Williams (left), joined her daughter, Koffee, in the Mastercard ad campaign.

Fans of ‘Grammy Kid’ Koffee were delighted when her mother, Jo-Anne Williams, made a cameo in the Burnin’ video and more recently in the visuals for Pressure (Remix), the collab with Buju Banton. They will undoubtedly be even more ecstatic to see Koffee and her mom, who is her biggest fan, together in another visually endearing moment.

Koffee recently dropped a set of images from her Mastercard partnership on her social media pages, and the feedback is glorious. In the first image, Koffee and her mom are seen in an outdoor setting, eating ice cream and sharing a happy, familial moment. “Creating memories with your family is essential. Together let’s start something priceless,” the ad says. Another picture shows Koffee vibing to music, with the message, “pursuing what makes you happy is essential”. The final one sees the brand ambassador chilling and relaxing as Jamaican colours are prominently displayed in the background. “Maintaining your Jamaican spirit is essential,” the Mastercard ad states.

Williams, who has earned the nickname ‘the Koffee-maker’ is an accomplished actress – in addition to having her full-time job. She shared with The Gleaner that both she and her daughter are happy with the finished product. The producers for the ad wanted a family setting, and drawing for Williams was really a no-brainer. Mom, who is certainly not pushy, embraced the challenge. “I did not shy away from it at all. I will do anything for her. She was excited, and so was I. Mikayla is always happy when we get a chance to spend some time together because these days she is so busy,” Williams said.

The ad campaign will run across print, electronic and audio, and Koffee is the narrator, another fact that makes her mother immensely proud. “The shoot was done here in Jamaica, and there is television, billboards, the whole works. Mikayla was always well-spoken, and she narrates the entire thing,” Williams shared.

Over the moon

On social media, Koffee’s fans are over the moon and flooded her pages with positive comments. “This is how it’s done. While they are trying to take her down, she just keeps on moving and progressing,” said one comment. “Get those endorsements. You are very deserving and so humble,” and “l am so proud of you originalkoffee blessings on more blessings,” said others.

Last September, Mastercard announced an exclusive partnership with Koffee as the company’s official brand ambassador in Jamaica. Under this partnership, a release stated, Koffee and Mastercard will build awareness about digital payments and educate consumers and merchants about the convenience, wide acceptance, and safety and security features of Mastercard’s electronic payments options.

“Koffee is one of Jamaica’s youngest and most gifted musical talents, and she remains grounded, humble and finds time to give back to the community. The decision to partner with her was an easy one for us here at Mastercard as her authenticity, creativity and spirit of philanthropy are aligned with our own values,” Marcus Carmo, head of marketing and communications for the Caribbean division at Mastercard, said at the time.

Koffee, the first official Mastercard brand ambassador in the Caribbean market, said of the partnership, “I am very excited to be a part of Mastercard’s initiative to educate, increase financial literacy, and help Jamaicans reach their financial goals.”

On social media, she captioned the pictures, “Partnered with @mastercardlatam as their first brand ambassador in the Caribbean. Give thanks.”